2 Pikachus have a delightful conversation because of smart home speakers

Two Pikachus have a delightful conversation thanks to smart home speakers


What does a conversation in between two Pikachus sound like?

Somebody in Japan who happens to possess both an Amazon Alexa along with a Google Home decided to find out by utilizing both devices and the Pikachu Talk app, that is available for both smart home co-workers. The app responds to seems with Pikachu noises, so the full-on Pikachu dialogue ensues between your devices.

Here’s what it sounds like:

The conversation is a little hard to realize, but undoubtedly the two digital Pikachus are having a riveting talk.

Luckily the Pikachu Talk application doesn’t respond to things with real words in Pikachu’s voice, considering that it’s so unsettling to hear Pikachu speak in fully formed phrases like it did in the latest Pokémon movie.

H/T Polygon

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