21-year-old woman loses her eyesight right after staring at her smartphone game for the

21-year-old woman loses her eyesight after staring at her smartphone game for days

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A woman from China has gone partly blind, after spending an entire day actively playing a game on her smartphone.

The 21-year-old, who goes under the ficticious name Wu Xiaojing, was a hardcore enthusiast of popular multiplayer smartphone online game Honour of Kings.

Wu, who works in finance, has been said to have been playing the game for a number of hours when she suddenly dropped her sight in her correct eye.

She was delivered to several hospitals and was identified as having Retinal Artery Occlusion (RAO) within her right eye.

Image: 观察者网/weibo

RAO is usually more common within elderly patients, and can result in long term loss of vision.

Users upon Chinese social media site Weibo had been mostly unsympathetic to Wu’s predicament.

“She’s still holding the cell phone in bed [in that picture]” said a single user.

“This is horrible but I still haven’t un-installed [the game], ” another said.

Severe addiction

Wu admitted in order to regularly playing the game for up to 8 hours without eating, drinking or even going to the toilet.

“If We don’t work, I usually get up about 6am, have breakfast, then enjoy until 4pm, ” she informed Chinese state media outlet The Global Times.

“I would certainly eat something, take a nap, wake up plus continue playing until 1 or even 2am. My parents had warned myself that I might go blind. “

According to Wu, she experienced spent the whole of Oct. one, a public holiday, playing the overall game. It was only after dinner that will she lost her sight plus was brought to the hospital.

She was diagnosed the following day along with RAO � which occurs if you have a blockage in one of the arteries that will carry blood to the retina.

According to a specialist from the Nancheng hospital where Wu was identified, it was “likely that she experienced suffered from RAO after playing “excessively” on her phone.

However, Doctor David Allamby, medical director of the eye clinic in London, told information outlet the Daily Mail there was a “slim” chance that Wu developed RAO from playing on her behalf mobile.

“You don’t get RAO from video-related severe eye stress as is suggested here â€? it can most commonly evidence of some form of cardiovascular disease, inch he said.

“The just potential link â€? and it’s thin â€? is that sometimes migraines could be a rare cause of RAO. “

Honour of Kings is one of China’s most popular smartphone games, and has several 200 million users.

The company behind the game, Tencent, experienced previously had to restrict kids underneath the age of 12 to just one hour associated with game time per day, in order to avoid addiction.  

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