‘He means it’: Trump appears to take Putin’s refusal about election meddling at encounter value

In Vietnam, Trump blasts critics on Russia as ‘haters and fools’ and appears to call North Korean leader ‘short and fat’

President Trump on Nov. 11 mentioned he believes that Russian Leader Vladimir Putin is being truthful whenever he denies that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election. (Reuters)

While on his method to Hanoi, Vietnam, at the tail finish of a 12-day trip across Asian countries, President Trump spoke with reporters aboard Air Force One after refusing to do press conferences with entire world leaders.  He recapped the reception the particular Chinese gave him and seemed to accept Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial about election meddling. Here is his conversation with reporters, annotated with Genius. com. Click on the outlined text to read the annotations.  

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Everybody okay? Everyone happy? Everybody healthy? Two a lot more days — no problem.

It’s been a — I think novice a great trip. In certain ways, novice very epic. I think things have got happened that have been really amazing. Excellent Minister Abe came up to myself just at the end, and he said that because you left South Korea and The japanese, that those two countries are now obtaining along much, much better. That’s through Prime Minister Abe — that there are been a real bonding between Southern Korea and Japan. So that has been great.

And we had a period in China. You were there. Had been most of you there? Jennifer?

Q We all were, sir.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: They say in the great people coming to China, there’s been nothing can beat that. And I believe it.

Did you see the show? Do most of you see the show or even part of the show afterwards? It was amazing.

Q We saw the particular opera but not the —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: The opera was excellent too, but the following night — that was the first time that theater continues to be used at the Forbidden City within over a hundred years. You know that. These people prepared the theater for that — the first time in over a hundred years.

No, it was an amazing — we now have an amazing feeling toward each other. Plus he’s for China; I’m intended for USA. You know, it’s one of those issues. But we have a great feeling.

So it’s been really very amazing. And then today was excellent. Nowadays was a different kind of a thing. That is a conference.

And then this evening they’re having a state dinner within Hanoi. And we then go to the Philippines, which was a rough trip the final time. That was a rough usa president trip, but this won’t be. Plus we’re staying the extra day simply because they have the two conferences; they have 1st day and they have the second day. As well as the second day, a lot of people say is essential. And I said, you know what, if I am just there, I should do it.

But it’s gone really well. I’ve actually enjoyed it. Developed some brand new friendships — some really good relationships. But the three countries we’ve halted in, the original three are — they’re really in our camp, plus we’re in their camp.

Q How were your discussions along with Vladimir Putin? Did you talk about Syria? And apparently they’ve released a joint statement that —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We issued the joint statement. We’re going to be — have you seen the statement however?

MS. SANDERS: It’s venturing out — it’s on the way.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: So I think it’ll venture out. You’ll see it in a little while.

MS. SANDERS: It may be out, since you guys — now that jooxie is in the air.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: It can save tremendous numbers of lives. And did that very quickly. We decided very quickly.

As you know, we all saw each other last night just for an image, and that was the first time. And then these days we had a roundtable with several countries. You have a list of the nations, obviously. Right? You have a list.

And we spoke intermittently in that roundtable. We seem to have a very great feeling for each other and a good connection considering we don’t know each other properly. I think it’s a very good relationship.

We had two or three very brief conversations because of the meeting, the fact that jooxie is at a meeting. But during these conversations, we talked about Syria plus de-conflicting, et cetera. You know, we have locations where troops are facing — the troops — I mean, their soldiers are facing our troops plus there’s nothing in between.

And we all issued a statement — the joint statement. It was just accepted, and I think people are going to be incredibly happy with it and also very amazed with it.

Q Did Russia’s attempts to meddle in Oughout. S. elections come up in the discussion?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: He mentioned he didn’t meddle. He mentioned he didn’t meddle. I requested him again. You can only request so many times. But I just asked your pet again, and he said he totally did not meddle in our election. This individual did not do what they’re stating he did. And he said —

Q Do you believe him?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, look, Constantly stand there and argue along with him. I’d rather have him get free from Syria, to be honest with you. I’d go for him — you know, work with your pet on the Ukraine than standing plus arguing about whether or not — mainly because that whole thing was set up from the Democrats.

I mean, they need to look at Podesta. They ought to look at all the things that they’ve done with the artificial dossier. Those are the big activities. Those are the big events.

But Putin said he failed to do what they said he do. And, you know, there are those that state, if he did do it, he or she wouldn’t have gotten caught, very well? Which is a very interesting statement. Yet we have a — you know, we now have a good feeling toward getting issues done.

If we had the relationship with Russia, that would be the best thing. In fact , it would be a great thing, not really a bad thing. Because he could actually help us in North Korea. We have a big problem with North Korea. And China is helping us. Also because of the lack of a relationship that we get with Russia because of this artificial issue that’s happening with this Democratic-inspired issue, we could really be helped a lot, enormously, with Russia having to do with North Korea.

And, you know, you’re speaking about millions and millions of lives. This isn’t infant stuff. This is the real deal. And if Russian federation helped us, in addition to China, that will problem would go away a lot faster.

Q How did you talk about the issue of election meddling? Did a person ask him a question?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: He just — each time he sees me, he says, “I didn’t do that. ” And I think — I really believe that when he informs me that, he means it. Yet he says, “I didn’t do that. inch I think he’s very insulted because of it, if you want to know the truth.

Don’t forget, all he said can be he never did that, he or she didn’t do that. I think he’s extremely insulted by it, which is not a good issue for our country. Because again, whenever we had a relationship with Russia, Northern Korea — which is our solitary biggest problem right now — Northern Korea, it would be helped a lot. I believe I’m doing very well with respect to The far east. They’ve cut off financing; they’ve stop bank lines; they’ve cut off plenty of oil and lots of other things, lots of business. And it’s having a big impact. Yet Russia, on the other hand, may be making up the. And if they are, that’s not a good thing.

So having a relationship with Russian federation would be a great thing — not a good issue — it would be a great thing, specifically as it relates to North Korea.

And I’ll say this, Hillary had her stupid reset switch that she spelled the word incorrect, but she doesn’t have what it takes to get that kind of a relationship enabling you to call or you could do something and they also would pull back from Northern Korea, or they’d pull back again from Syria, or maybe pull back again from Ukraine. I mean, if we can solve the Ukraine problem —

But this is really an synthetic barrier that’s put in front people for solving problems with Russia, and says that very strongly. This individual really seems to be insulted by it, and says he didn’t do it. Therefore —

Q (Inaudible) do you think him —


Q Even if he (inaudible) one-on-one, do you believe him?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I think that he is extremely, very strong in the fact that he didn’t get it done. And then you look, and you take a look at what’s going on with Podesta, and you take a look at what’s going on with the server from the DNC and why didn’t the F take it, why did they keep it; why did a third party consider the server and not the FBI — if you look at all of this stuff, and you also say, what’s going on here?

And then you hear it’s 17 companies. Well, it’s three. And one can be Brennan and one is whatever. I am talking about, give me a break. They’re political hackers.

So you look at it — I mean, you have Brennan, you have Clapper, and you have Comey. Comey is tested now to be a liar and he is proven to be a leaker.

So you look at that, and you have President Putin very strongly, vehemently says he previously nothing to do with that. Now, you aren’t going to get into an argument. You’re going to begin talking about Syria and the Ukraine.

Q You seem to have a pretty warm relationship with a number of —


Q — totalitarian or authoritarian frontrunners —


Q And others. So , Putin, Xi, leader of the Philippines. Do you think a person — what do you think — do you consider you understand them in a certain way or even relate to them in a way that various other Presidents haven’t?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I dont know. They had a tale today in one of the papers about The far east. China likes me. China loves me. And I get along with them; We get along with others too.

I get along very well with Angela. A person people don’t write that. I really get along really well with Angela. You understand, they had that handshaking event. I had been with her for a long time before that will. And somebody shouts out, “shake her hand, shake her hands. ” And I didn’t hear all of them. So by not shaking the girl hand, they said — I have an excellent relationship with her. I have an excellent relationship with Theresa May. Excellent great relationship with Justin Trudeau, who I just left.

I think I — I’ll be truthful with you, I think I have a great connection with every single one of them. Every person in this room today — you had exactly what, 15, or so, or 18? Asian countries Pacific —

Q Well, 21 including you.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Everyone in that room, I have a great relationship. They’re very different people, yet everyone. And I do have a very good connection with Xi, obviously. It’s the greatest state — it’s the biggest condition entrance and the biggest state supper they’ve ever had, by far, in The far east. He called it a state-plus. Like he said it — he actually said, state-plus-plus, that is very interesting.

But he is — you know, look, again, he is a strong person. He’s a very clever person. I like him a lot; he or she likes me. But , you know, we all represent two very different countries. Yet we get along very well. And that’s the best thing that we along; that’s not a bad issue.

And on trade, you understand, it was — most of the news protected it fairly. Some didn’t. After i said it’s not your fault — because I was saying how The far east has been hurting us on business for many decades, for many years — and yes it really is. It’s not his fault. We ought to have been doing that. But we all didn’t do it. It’s the fault from the administrations that preceded me. Plus we’re not going to do that anymore; we’ll be very tough on business. And he understands that.

Q During the past, American presidents have felt the particular obligation to raise issues about individual rights abuses. Do you feel like which an obligation and that’s something that you really feel is important to do?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I do. But I also increase issues on many other things. I am talking about, I have an obligation — we all lost, last year, with China, with respect to the way you do your numbers, since you can do them a numbers of method — anywhere from $350 [billion] in order to $504 billion. That’s with a single country. Im going to fix that will. And I’ve got to fix what we should have with Mexico, who was right now there today too, who I also possess a good relationship with. And I possess a great relationship with France. Several of you were in France with me, with all the Eiffel Tower dinner. We have an excellent relationship with Emmanuel.

So I think that’s the thing. I’ve in fact been getting — I always mentioned it, I think — I mentioned, I think one of my strong matches is going to be foreign affairs. And jooxie is actually getting very good marks relating to foreign affairs. There’s nobody which i can think of that I don’t have an excellent relationship with.

But whenever we can — I mean, you’ll be viewing the release that’s put out. But we are able to save many, many, many lifestyles by making a deal with Russia relating to Syria, and then ultimately getting Syria solved and getting Ukraine solved plus doing other things, having a good connection with Russia is a great, great thing.

And this artificial Democratic strike job gets in the way. It will get in the way. And that’s a shame mainly because people will die because of this. And it’s a pure hit work. And it’s artificially induced. And it’s the shame. But anyway.

Q If we could ask you regarding Roy Moore. Is it time to frequency him overboard?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, again, I’ve been with you people, so I haven’t gotten to see excessive. And believe it or not, even when I’m within Washington and New York, I do not really watch much television. I know these people like to say — people that how to start me, they like to say We watch television. People with fake resources — you know, fake reporters, bogus sources. But I don’t get to view much television, primarily because of paperwork. I’m reading documents a lot, and various things.

I actually examine much more — I read a person people much more than I view television. But anyway — yet so I have not seen very much regarding him, about it. And, you know, We put out a statement yesterday that will he’ll do the right thing, that will — he was interviewed.

Q But four women came forward and accused him associated with inappropriately touching them, basically producing advances when they were underage, which includes a 14-year-old. I mean, at exactly what point — and you said, “if he did it. ” But on what point do you decide if he or she did it? It’s right now their phrase against his.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Honestly, I’d have to look at it plus I’d have to see. Because once again, Im dealing with the President associated with China, the President of Russian federation, I’m dealing with the folks over right here. So I haven’t devoted — We haven’t been able to devote greatly time to it.

And Seems at — I mean, you individuals are just as strong as me. Most likely following me all over the place. I mean, we will lots of meetings, right? And, incidentally, anybody that took the wager, pick up your money, okay? And the tough stuff was that. Really hard.

Q What was the bet again?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, a lot of people mentioned it’s almost physically impossible intended for someone to go through 12 days.

What I didn’t want to do has been come back because I would have had to return. And we would have been on this airplane again in five weeks through now exactly to do four times. We were going to do four times and four days. And this method we did twelve, and we strike the big conferences, which is a big resource. So anyway.

Q Therefore you’re not yet prepared to say that Roy Moore should —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I will see it when — I am talking about, I basically put out a declaration which was obvious. So I’ll stay with statement for now, but I’ll have got further comment as we go down the street. I have to get back into the country to find out what’s happening.

Q Will there be one thing that you were pressing Leader Xi on that you can say you are going to take away, where he changed his brain or agreed to something that you’re looking to perform specifically on North Korea?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: President Xi produced a statement. If you read their statement yesterday — were a person all there when he has been speaking and made the declaration in the big room — the truly amazing Room?

He made the statement that he’s committed to preventing the nuclearization of North Korea. That’s a big statement. He produced that statement, and a lot of people did not — they didn’t pick that will up. I don’t think it was — because it was part of the speech. Plus somehow a lot people — in my experience, that was a very big statement. We even looked up — mainly because Im sitting waiting to talk — and I said, wow, this is a big statement. He made that will statement in his speech yesterday or maybe the day before, when he produced — you know, when we were talking together. He put a declaration out, Sarah, that said he’s devoted to making that happen. That’s a huge statement.

You know, this individual was, through this process — he is the most powerful Chinese leader considering that Mao Zedong. Some people say stronger than Mao. With that being said, I really believe he is a good person, he’s a good guy, he wants to do right, he is representing his people. He’s solid, he’s very strong. But you know, a person look at some of what you saw has been very impressive. It was very impressive.

Q What’s the next thing you’d like to see your pet do on Korea?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Oh, I’d like to have your pet ratchet it up, and I think he’s carrying out that. We had a long talk about this.

Q But ratchet up with what?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: And am was with him for hours. You understand, I was with him — such as I sat with him. You had been there at the beginning of that evening, correct? Of the —

Q No .


Q I wasn’t pool.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I was sitting down with him. We were together all day. And the day before, we were jointly for hours. And we get along very well. You understand, it’s easy to be with him all day. Whereas, if you don’t have chemistry, you individuals know, you can’t be with someone for two minutes. And we talked a great deal about North Korea. We discussed a lot of things. We talked a lot regarding North Korea.

No, I believe he’s going to ratchet it up. I did not really speak to President Putin about it mainly because we just had these small segments that we were talking about Syria. But President Putin would be enormously helpful — tremendously helpful — if I had Russia and The far east helping us with North Korea, I think that would solve it. Yet this artificial barrier gets in the manner. I call it the “artificial Liberal barrier. ” It gets in the manner, which is a shame.

Q Therefore you didn’t have time to ask Putin specific things on North Korea?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I isnt able to — because I really did not, Jennifer. I really just — we all did, like, little snippets between. We didn’t have a planned conference. We spoke, but we did not have a planned meeting.

Q Where did you leave this with President Putin? Are you looking for an additional meeting? Him coming to the Oughout. S.? Or are you —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We’ll have a meeting. I believe we have the potential to have a very good connection. I dont know him such as I know President Xi because I have spent a lot of time with President Xi, but I think we have the potential to possess a very, very good relationship. I have this with Abe. I have it along with Abe. Very good.

Q Do you see Abe fall at the fine sand trap?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We didn’t. I say this: In case that was him, he is one of the greatest gymnasts because the way he — (laughter) — it was like a perfect — I never saw anything like this.

No, wasn’t it incredible? And he was standing up. I informed him — I said, I am just not going to ask — because it has been shot from a helicopter. I mentioned, I will not ask if that’s a person, but if it was, I’m very amazed because you’re better than any gymnast I’ve ever seen.

Q What do you mean by “artificial Democratic barrier”? I mean, you and Putin can’t warm up because of this investigation? Or even what —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Discover an artificial barrier that places in the way by the Democrats. It’s a false barrier. There was no collusion. Everyone knows there was no collusion. I mean, a person speak to these people — I saw Dianne Feinstein the other day and I respect the girl. She was on television the other day stating there’s no collusion. The Democrats — the Republicans come out screaming this, but the Democrats come out, and they state, “No, there’s no collusion. ” There is absolutely no collusion. There’s nothing.

And I believe it’s a shame that something like that may destroy a very important potential relationship in between two countries that are very important nations. Russia could really help all of us. And the Democrats wanted to have a great relationship with Russia, but they could not do it because they didn’t have the skill to do it. They didn’t have the biochemistry to do it. They didn’t have what must be done to do it. You know, there is a talent to that particular.

But I think Putin and am — President Putin and I might have a great relationship, and that would be perfect for both countries. And it would have a lot of the danger out because jooxie is really — you know, this is a harmful time. This isn’t small stuff. It is a very dangerous time. And possessing a great relationship, or even a good connection, with the President of Russia — Hillary tried it, and she unsuccessful. Nobody mentions that. They perform like, you know — it’s so awful. She did that reset switch; it was a joke. But she attempted and she failed.

Obama attempted and he failed. Couldn’t have it, as they didn’t have chemistry. They did not have the right chemistry. And you understand what? I understand that, because there are some people We don’t have chemistry with. Let’s observe, some of you are right here. (Laughter. ) There are some people I don’t — you know, sometimes if you don’t have chemistry along with somebody, you don’t.

But Obama did not have the right chemistry along with Putin. And Hillary was method over her head.

MS. SANDERS: Let’s take one more and after that let them have lunch.

Q Were you able to get any kind of commitments — when it comes to the business balance, some of the issues you discuss like intellectual property theft — did he make any obligations there to make changes?

THE PRESIDENT: You know, the intellectual property or home — you’re talking about $300 billion dollars a year. It’s tremendous. We discussed it. But I said, jooxie is friends, but this is a different management than you’ve had for the last 30 years. For the last 30 years, The far east — and, in all fairness, as well as other countries. Look, we have a $71 billion trade deficit with South america. We have a $70 billion business deficit with Japan. We have the $30 billion trade deficit along with South Korea. I could go through an entire list. There are few countries we now have a surplus with, and those nations it’s like a two-dollar surplus. Really disgraceful.

And I may blame any of those countries. We blame the people that we had symbolizing us who didn’t know what these were doing. Because they should have never allow it to happen.

Q I’d like to request a question on AT& T plus CNN. Do you want AT& T to market CNN for the —

THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE: Well, I didn’t make the decision. Which was made by a man who’s actually an extremely respected person — a very, extremely respected person.

I do make a comment in the past as to what I believe. I do feel that you should have as many information outlets as you can, especially since a lot of of them are fake. This way, a minimum of you can get your word out. Yet I do believe you should have as many information outlets as you can.

Now, with that said ,, I didn’t make a statement onto it, but I made that declaration long before at the very early component. So we’ll see how that — it will probably end up being maybe lawsuit, maybe not. We’ll see how it all performs out.

Q Did a person talk to Xi about opening The far east to Twitter and other social media?

THE PRESIDENT: About what?

Q Opening China to Twitter.

THE PRESIDENT: I mentioned this very briefly. Honestly, it was not number one on my list. Number 1 on my list with your pet was North Korea and business. Those are the two I really talked. I mentioned it, you know, quickly, but we’ll talk. I’m going to have got plenty of time to talk. He’ll come right here next time.

This all were only available in Florida, and it’s a great feeling to get that kind of a relationship where one can really help your country. Due to the fact we can really help our nation, and he can really help his country.

But we’re going to be very hard on trade. This is not going to end up like it was in the past. I did tell him that will. This is not going to be the old days. This is a completely thing going on.

And, you understand, it’s not acceptable what’s been taking place with trade, generally. China, indeed — but generally. And I can consider almost no examples where it’s great. It’s all bad. We had the particular worst negotiators, whether it’s the Serbia deal or any other thing. There were the worst — our business deals are so bad. Last year, we all lost $800 billion, right? Yes. $800 [billion], approximately. Check this. But approximately $800 billion upon trade. Why?

Q Putting your own guys in there now. What exactly did you get from him?

THE PRESIDENT: I have a great group. Bob Lighthizer. Bob Lighthizer can be — he’s going to town. And he works together with me. He works with me. Yet Bob is going to town.

So I hope you’re all enjoying her. Tonight we’re going to Hanoi.

Q Any highlights from APEC? Are you experiencing any asks for the other countries?

THE PRESIDENT: I think the APEC was just — good, extremely collegial.

Q Did anybody ask you for specific issues?

THE PRESIDENT: No, yet I told them we’re going to have got much tougher trade policies today, because, you know, they have barriers. All of us don’t. I’m not only talking about charges. They have non-tariff barriers, and we may. I said, you got to remove all of them.

Good to be with you. Great to be with you.

We’ll speak with you —

Q Thank you for returning.

THE PRESIDENT: I’ll help you in Hanoi. Are you all rising?

Q Yes, sir.

Q We are.



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