‘What storm, Mr. President?’ Trump puts world on edge with cryptic cliffhanger

‘What storm, Mr. President?’ Trump puts world on edge with cryptic cliffhanger

The day was supposed to be over â€? at least, that’s what the White House communications staff told reporters Thursday evening as President Trump retired to the State Dining Room for lunch with his top military commanders.

Then, unexpectedly, the president summoned them back into action. That day’s episode was not quite over. The plot twist was ahead.

At 7: 18 p. mirielle., reporters were led into the treat dining room where the military’s senior frontrunners and their spouses were arranged on either side of the chief executive and First Lady Melania Trump in preparation for a formal team photo.

“You guys know what this represents?” Trump said gesturing to the commanders encircling him as he made looping movements with his right index finger.

He dramatically paused and then stated: “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

President Trump, center still left, gives a thumbs up next to first female Melania Trump, center right, throughout an official photograph with senior army leaders and spouses at the White-colored House Thursday. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

“What’s the storm?” a reporter called away, as the officials and their partners continued to pose, their deals with frozen in toothy smiles, even while many of their eyes began to dart around the room.

“Could be the calm before the storm,” the particular president said.

It seemed the opening scene of an activity movie â€? the president, stiffly rotating from side to side, surveying the country’s military leaders and providing a good ominous hint that something would certainly soon unfold. He wouldn’t state what, but it seemed clear it wouldn’t be anything good. Probably something involving North Korea or maybe the Islamic State terrorist organization or even Iran or who knows what otherwise.

Or maybe not â€? probably this was just the showman president getting the day’s narrative and delivering viewers with a reason to keep fine-tuning in, even if there was no arrange for an actual storm. Media pundits invested much of the day Friday trying to you know what he meant.

“I think this is a president who is living in a constant reality TV show,” stated Timothy O’Brien, a journalist that wrote “TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald” in 2005. “He loves the notion of ‘Tune in next week for the next exciting installation of ‘The White House,’ an ongoing reality show and national psychodrama.’”

For decades, Trump performed popular culture’s role of the unoriginal rich guy, and he starred within the reality game show, “The Apprentice,” to get more than a decade. O’Brien said that Trump is first and foremost an unterhaltungsk¨¹nstler â€? and one who is always doing performance art.

“He believes he connects to people by keeping the mystery alive,” stated O’Brien, who has been openly vital of the president, “when, in reality, what we want from our parents, our managers and our presidents are people who provide direction and clarity in a sober-minded way.”

On Thursday evening, reporters were only in the dining room for approximately a minute � and they kept inquiring the president to explain what he or she meant.

“What storm, Mr. President?” an NBC News reporter called out.

“We have the world’s great military people in this room, I will tell you that,” Trump said in a noisy but calm tone, flanked simply by his generals, whom he then thanked for coming to the White Home.

Again, a reporter questioned: “What storm, Mr. President?”

He responded: “You’ll find out.”

Some of the theories floating out there: Probably Trump was referring to the global deal with Iran, as he is likely to announce next week that he will “decertify” the agreement and kick this to Congress to handle. Or maybe they are planning to intensify the attacks within the Islamic State terrorists in the Middle Eastern. Or maybe the storm has connected with North Korea or Syria. Or possibly he was referring to the actual surprise that’s headed towards the United States this particular weekend, Hurricane Nate. Or maybe he or she didn’t mean anything by it in any way.

“If something like that was said in a past presidency, you’d really worry about it,” former secretary


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