A good kitchen scale to take the guesswork out of measuring

A smart kitchen scale to take the guesswork out of measuring

Baking is a science and like any technology it needs to be exact. Take it through someone who constantly confuses teaspoons along with tablespoons.  

The Perfect Cook PRO takes human error from the equation with a smart scale that will, when paired to a recipe application, knows exactly how much of each ingredient is required. All you have to do is pour.  

When you buy the Perfect Bake PROFESSIONAL you’ll receive a scale, three color-coded bowls, an oven thermometer plus a phone/tablet stand to allow you to read tested recipes on the Perfect Bake app when you work.  

According to the Ideal Company (they clearly think plenty of their product with that name) many pastry chefs measure by bodyweight anyway, since it’s the most precise measurement for consistent results. When you may not be a professional, you can at least attempt to bake like one.

The Perfect Bake app is packed up with a collection of some 400 chef-created recipes (and growing. ) Simply pick a recipe you want to try and the particular app will tell you what ingredients you require, how to prep them, and in exactly what order to add them. You’ll obtain step by step instructions, including a built/in timer so there’s no reason in order to leave the app.  

Since the scale and app are usually paired via Bluetooth, the application will show the bowl filling as you pour and tell you whenever to stop. The Perfect Company claims that this scale is accurate down to zero. 1g and that when the ingredients are usually in small amounts the app tells you to visit slowly. You can even put your biscuit sheet or baking pan around the sale to get accurate portioning as you prepare to bake.

If to be able to enough of the ingredients on hand or even are baking a smaller batch, you are able to input into the app how much you might have or how many servings you want to create and the recipe will automatically alter. You can also put in what kind of pan occur to be using and the bake times can adjust.  

You can take a look at “perfect baker” Michael explaining using the Perfect Bake PRO below.

The Perfect Bake PROFESSIONAL is available on Amazon now intended for $99. If you’re a smoothie junkie or a cocktail specialist, you can also grab the Perfect Blend PRO or the Ideal Drink PRO that work essentially the same manner. Or if you’re a true kitchen soldier, you can spring for all three.  

Once you’re ready to bake (or blend, or drink, ) you can even sign up for a free trial of Amazon . com Fresh to get all your groceries shipped straight to your door. We no longer blame you if you never keep your kitchen again.



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