A study into what’s happening under Toad’s mushroom cap

An investigation into what's happening under Toad's mushroom cap

Every Toad you meet up with in Mario games appears to possess mushrooms on its head. Yet a debate rages on: Would be the polka-dotted tops hats or in fact a part of Toad’s head?

Inspired by the recent release of Super Mario Odyssey, in which Toads are noticed wearing hats and even headphones more than their polka-dotted domes, Dorkly do a deep-dive investigation into whether or not Toads are always wearing hats or even if they were just born like this. YouTuber Shesez decided to do their own investigating by looking at in-game types of Toads and seeing how they are rendered.

The results: Pending.

Until we get the official announcement from Nintendo on this, this looks like it could go either way. The particular debate wages on.

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