Above all finally shows upfront pricing, subsequent in Lyft’s footsteps

Uber finally shows upfront pricing, following in Lyft's footsteps

If you’re heading home for the vacation, you probably want to know exactly how much your taxi ride is going to be from the airport to your house. At long last, Uber is going to make it occur.

Starting today, when you hold an Uber more than an hour just before your pickup time, you’ll secure the cost of the ride. This means that once you schedule your Uber, a screen will pop up confirming that your trip is scheduled, and your fare continues to be set. The exact fare you’ll be having to pay at the end of the ride will be shown in the window.  

Previously, when you booked an Uber one hour or more in advance, you were just provided an estimate of the fare. Which could vary widely from the price you’d be better with charged after the ride if there is an unexpected surge. The app observed on its “Fares” page that will “Actual fares and surcharges might vary” from the estimate. But this kind of “estimates” are no longer.  

This brand new locked-in pricing feature is intended to relieve the stress of travel. An Above all spokesperson told Mashable that clients have, in the past, most often been amazed by their final fares when poor weather or popular events resulted in unexpected demand.  

You may budget around your ride without worrying regarding unexpected price increases. The modify will give customers “one less matter to stress about ahead of an earlier flight, ” an Uber spokesperson told Mashable.  

This function isn’t exactly new, though. Uber’s chief rival Lyft rolled out there a similar feature last year that displays users their locked-in rates for all those rides. The total price that Lyft displays includes all fees, fees, and tolls, and is calculated depending on your “usual time and distance” if you don’t initially select a destination.  

Uber’s feature is available in all Oughout. S. cities where Uber works. To use the feature, tap the vehicle icon next to “Where to? inch and select your date and period, add your pickup and dropoff locations, and select the type of Uber you are considering. If your ride was scheduled a lot more than an hour in advance, your upfront do will be displayed.  

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