Above all now rewards most loyal bikers with better customer service

Uber now rewards most loyal riders with better customer service

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Uber has big plans in order to reward its most loyal clients.  

The ridesharing company offers invited a select few customers to a mysterious “priority support” plan.  

A spokesperson for Above all said priority members will have entry to an exclusive 24/7 support hotline. They are going to also, when using in-app support, link with “specially trained experts. “ 

Priority support is still in beta, meaning it will probably be rolled to be able to more users at a later date. At the moment, Above all will not disclose specifics of how several riders have been invited to the plan, or how they were selected, besides that it is a “portion of our most frequent bikers. ” The few invitees we all know of have had over 3, 000 miles ridden.  

The invitations claim that users are asked as a “thank you” for having journeyed multiple thousands of miles with Above all. The company claims that similar up-dates, such as this summer’s rollout of 24/7 phone support, have been popular with bikers in the past. “We’re always thinking about methods to say thank you to our riders, ” the organization spokesperson said.  

This is not Uber’s first exclusive feature; the organization has had a VIP program regarding frequent riders since 2015. Nevertheless, this mysterious beta test shows a renewed focus on entrenching devoted customers.  

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