Alexa wants to host your next game evening with new Echo Buttons

Alexa wants to host your next game night with new Echo Buttons

Amazon wants Alexa to become everything for you: a personal assistant, the maid, a news anchor, and today a game show host.  

The next gadget to be added to Alexa’s arsenal just in time for the vacations is the Echo Button, which allows you to definitely play games through any Replicate device. Just like a game show, the particular buttons light up with LED colour changing lights and play a number of games that you can add as an Alexa skill. No word yet on what the particular games entail, but “Sounds Enjoyable with Mike Epps” is interesting and football trivia is pretty personal explanatory.

Echo Control keys are the first exclusively Alexa-compatible clever home accessories that aren’t stand alone devices. Unlike their Amazon Touch or Cloud Cam, you need a good Echo to set up and use the Control keys (you can connect up to 4 via Bluetooth. ) 

It’s a fascinating choice for Amazon to explore gaming with their first Echo item, but with the success of simple digital celebration games like Jackbox and Sportsfriends, it makes sense. Casual multi-player games that will aren’t intimidating to non-gamers have already been growing in popularity for a few years now, so obviously Amazon wants to get in on it.  

Echo Buttons will be released upon December 19 and are available for pre-order now. Two buttons will be $19. 99. If you’re giving an Replicate as a gift, these would create a great add-on—if you’re a perfect member you’ll get free two-day delivery so they’ll arrive in time intended for Christmas.  

Once you get beyond the creepiness of asking Alexa to try out a game, this could be pretty fun.  



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