Amazon . com has a new Prime deal regarding college students.

Amazon has a new Prime deal for college students.

Definitely using “Prime Student” to purchase books, MM HMM.

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Commitment-phobic millennials now have a new way to have their own digital cake and eat this too.  

Amazon has launched a new Prime subscription deal regarding college students in the United States. “Prime Student” features a free six month trial and a following monthly fee of just $5. 49, which students can terminate at any time. It also comes with all the same Perfect goodies â€? like free 2 day shipping and Prime loading access â€? as the non-kid desk version.

As VentureBeat records, the offer provides a new method to attract students without the commitment of the yearly package. Amazon also offers a Prime Student deal, which expenses $49/year. That comes to $4. 08/month, but locks in students regarding six moths after that sweet, lovely free trial ends.

To get Prime Student plan, users should have a. edu email address and “be able to provide proof of enrollment on request” in the U. S. or even U. S. territories.  

But don’t worry â€? we question Amazon is going to come looking for your own official transcript anytime soon. And it refuses to judge you too harshly for all those “rocks for jocks” courses, either. e8b1 2346%2fthumb%2f00001



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