Amazon . com launches DeepLens camera to give designers its AI software

Amazon launches DeepLens camera to give developers its AI software

Amazon wants to make it much easier for designers to use its image recognition features.

Amazon Web Services simply introduced a new $249 camera along with computer vision and AI-smarts cooked right in. Called DeepLens, the particular camera is intended for developers who wish to learn to build applications that power Amazon’s artificial intelligence technology.

The camera is available for pre-order now and will ship next year, the organization says.

It’s a boxy device that’s obviously designed with the particular AI tech in mind rather than appears or pure specs. The 4MP camera shoots 1080p HD video and it is equipped with Wi-Fi, a micro SECURE DIGITAL slot, and 8 GB associated with memory.  

The real cause developers will want the camera, naturally , is for its AI tech. Built-in are a set of pre-trained image identification models that developers can use to generate their own applications.

“These models will help you detect cats and dogs, looks, a wide array of household and everyday items, motions and actions, and even warm dogs, ” Amazon’s Jeff Barr writes in a blog post. “We may continue to train these models, making them much better and better over time. “

That means a developer who wants to develop an application for, say, detecting home objects, can get started without having to teach a set of algorithms from scratch � the time-consuming and often expensive task.

This stands to greatly reduce the particular barrier to entry for designers who want to work with artificial intelligence technologies but may not have the resources independently. 6d62 ce77%2fthumb%2f00001

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