Amazon . com patents a drone that provides a charge to power up EVs on the go

Amazon patents a drone that delivers a charge to power up EVs on the go

A recent Amazon patent could be an response to range anxiety, albeit one that noises a bit more sci-fi than practical answer at the moment: the newly granted obvious (via Roadshow) describes a jingle that could carry a battery cost for electric cars, and provide them to any cars out on the street that need them while in route, supplying enough juice to get to a proper getting station.

There’s a lot that will seems crazy about this patent, nevertheless â€? including the fact that drones on their own require a lot of tricky power administration to get even limited flight instances with lightweight cargo on board. Maintaining themselves charged and within selection of vehicles in need of a top-up may be the most challenging aspect of the idea general, in fact.

It’s not the only real hurdle in terms of making this thing genuine, either; the patent also details a rooftop docking station that this drone can land on to remain connected with the vehicle and provide power with an ongoing basis while it continues together its route. That means either aftermarket replacement modifications or buy-in from auto manufacturers will be required to make it happen, as well.

At the moment, it’s not really a super realistic concept, in other words. However it has potential, especially if we be able to a future where EVs are common, as are drone delivery services (something Amazon definitely is interested in making happen).


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