Amazon . com submits patent application for self-destructing drone

Amazon submits patent application for self-destructing drone

The future is self-destructive.

Image: Amazon/REX/Shutterstock

Amazon has a new concept to ensure delivery safety: a self-destruct drone.

On Friday, The Verge reported that Amazon offers submitted a patent for a jingle that can initiate a crash sequence plus break itself into pieces in the event of emergencies.  

The idea at the rear of the design is simple: If anything will go wrong while an Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV) is delivering your own latest Amazon splurge, it’s easier to have a bunch of small drone pieces fall out of the sky instead of a single big one. Ok, sure.

The patent is dated November. 28, and describes the process to get “directed fragmentation” of a drone in case of “service disruptions due to unsuitable climate conditions, equipment malfunctions, and other problems. inch According to the patent:  

The fragmentation sequence can be evaluated and up-to-date over time based on the flight path from the UAV, the ongoing flight problems for the UAV, and the terrain topology over which the UAV is soaring, among other factors… A controlled, aimed fragmentation of various parts of the UAV can be accomplished upon disruption from the flight operations of the UAV or even at other desired times. This could result in the UAV, and specific parts of the UAV, landing with more preferable or suitable areas if flight operations are damaged.  

The UAV would be able to established a flight path based on exactly where dropping the drones would instill the least potential damage, such as inside a field or a lake.  

Look, there’s even a helpful picture! Which usually depicts a scenario in which a jingle drops its propellers and such prior to crashing into a handy dandy woods.

The drones are falling!

The drones are usually falling!

An Amazon drone produced its first real delivery keep away from 2016. Back in May, the company posted another patent, that time for a parachute-enabled shipping label. You know, so your deals can drop on your doorstep similar to the Hunger Games. (Which is actually life in 2017, at this point. )

Don't we all.

Don’t we all.

So really does that mean that self-destructing parachute-dropping drones will soon be delivering all of your Amazon buys? It seems more likely the patents are just meant to cover Amazon’s bases in case they decide to use this direction, and doesn’t show anything for sure.  

With small meaningful legislation about drone shipping on the books, an UAV-powered shipping economy could still be a while away from. So no need to duck and protect just yet.

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