Amazon’s Kindle Oasis gets big plus waterproof

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis gets big and waterproof

It’s fitting that Amazon’s range topping Kindle is called Oasis. The Electronic Ink-based tablet survives on its own isle among more complex tablets and clever phones. It’s for reading plus, really, not much else.

The Kindle Oasis, however , isn’t stuck on this island. Amazon has regularly updated it and the core technologies behind it year after year. Sure, this doesn’t get the big splashy occasion, but , as Amazon told me lately, consumers still love and buy the particular devices. This year’s Prime Time marked Amazon’s single biggest time for Kindle sales.

This is what 30% more screen real estate looks like.

This is what 30% more display real estate looks like.

Image: lance ulanoff/mashable

With that kind of enthusiasm, it’s no surprise Amazon is updating its leading Kindle, and in a radical method.

At 7 inches diagonally, the all-new Kindle Oasis, which usually Amazon unveiled and will start offering on Wednesday, is â€? departing the paper-sized DX aside â€? Amazon’s largest Kindle e-reader actually. It’s also the company’s first water-proof device.

The new Amazon kindle Oasis resembles the old Oasis, the particular $289 device Amazon introduced more than a year ago. It’s incredibly, nearly paper-thin on one side (0. 13 inches) and then fattens considerably to some third of an inch on the various other to accommodate the battery.

The back of the new Kindle Oasis (left) is familiar, but different enough to be better.

The back of the new Amazon kindle Oasis (left) is familiar, yet different enough to be better.

Image: lance ulanoff/mashable

There are, though, a few big differences. The composite entire body has been replaced with an unibody light weight aluminum chassis and the curve that links the fat side with the slim side of the Oasis is now the scallop design. When I held the particular Oasis in one hand, the patches of my fingers settled neatly in it, giving me a more secure grip compared to I ever had with the original Oasis.

Then there’s the display. At 7 inches, it’s significantly larger than the 6-inch screen (30 percent, said Amazon) on the initial Kindle Oasis. It still has got the same 300 ppi resolution, yet more reading area than ever. Alongside the screen is an expanse associated with black with just two actual physical buttons positioned so you can press much more the other to turn pages forward plus back. They are customizable.

The new Kindle Oasis case can also double as a stand.

The new Amazon kindle Oasis case can also double like a stand.


This is how the Kindle Oasis looks in its new case.

This is how the Amazon kindle Oasis looks in its new situation.


Amazon also increased the number of over-the-screen DIRECTED lights to 12 (it had been 10) for more uniform lighting.

As a larger device with a steel back, the all-new Kindle Oasis is heaver than the original: 194 grams versus 130 grams. We felt the difference, but , thanks to the up-to-date design, the new device wasn’t unpleasant to hold.

That shape is not only about the grip. Like the first Oasis, the new one slips neatly in to a battery-pack companion cover that provides roughly four weeks of battery life. With no case, the new Oasis offers an amazing six weeks of battery life. That’s the particular core benefit of E Ink; it requires almost no power to keep an image upon screen. The new case includes a flexible flap so you can turn it into an are a symbol of the Oasis.

Audible is now a part of the Kindle.

Audible is now a part of the particular Kindle.


The audio and text are synced so you can switch back and forth.

The audio and textual content are synced so you can switch to and fro.


Amazon also did some software function, most notably in the page-turn (really the screen refresh) speed. In my short hands on time, it was almost immediate. Granted, I have no complaints about the particular refresh time on my Paperwhite.

The other big modify is the integration of the Audible Sound Book service. Amazon owns Clear, but it’s never been area of the Kindle. Now you can browse and buy Clear Books on the device, provided a person sign up and pay for the services ($14. 99 a month).  

In addition, you can effortlessly change between the print and audio variations of books. You’ll know the guide has an Audible version by the head-phone icon on the cover image. Clicking on it brings up the play choice. We had our Oasis connected to Wireless bluetooth speakers. When we stopped playing plus switched to the print book, this picked up exactly where the audio still left off.  

Since this is a software program change, Amazon is also bringing Clear to Paperwhite and Voyage Kindles.

Amazon also added more software controls.

Amazon also added more software regulates.


Here's the new reverse text mode.

Here’s the new reverse text setting.


The other change is that the starting associated with the Kindle Oasis is now $249 with 8 GB of storage. It’s nevertheless pricey, and the Wi-Fi and, at this point, AT& T LTE-enabled Oasis can cost you $349. There’s also a 32 GIGABYTE model intended for those who love Clear (larger files than ebooks) plus rich-media magazines.

There are usually other small software changes, such as more boldface text options, gradient between lighting controls and an invert text accessibility option, but the giant screen and waterproof capability are the superstars of this reading show.

Amazon didn’t say if or in order to might upgrade the hardware in the rest of the Kindle line, but its dedication to the e-reader categories is one for your books. 91fa 944a%2fthumb%2f00001


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