Apple company and Stanford team up for application that looks for irregular heart tempos

Apple and Stanford team up for app that looks for irregular heart rhythms

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With this new application, your Apple Watch might save your valuable life.  

Apple launched the particular Apple Heart Study app upon Thursday, which will collect data on the heart rhythms using the Apple View, and send you a notification in case you may be experiencing atrial fibrillation (AFib).  

To track your cardiovascular, the Apple Watch’s sensor utilizes flashing LED lights and light-sensitive photodiodes to detect the amount of blood flowing through your wrist. Apple is joining up with the Stanford University School associated with Medicine to conduct the study.  

If your watch discovers a good irregular heart rhythm, Apple will give you a free consultation with a study physician, and an electrocardiogram (ECG) plot to continue monitoring your heart rate.

Apple and Stanford will likely aggregate the data the watch gathers for macro-level insight on the Apple company Watch’s effectiveness as a medical device. In the past year, Stanford has financed a number of studies on digital wellness, and the use of the Apple Watch within multiple areas of medicine. Stanford uses the study to further evaluate the effectiveness from the Apple Watch as a tool associated with proactive health care.  

Apple revealed the Apple Heart Study on its iPhone Event in Sept, along with the new watchOS. “We’ve already been looking at this for a couple of years, and think Apple Watch can help, inch said Apple COO Jeff Williams, of AFib, at the keynote.  

He also noted that the Apple company Watch has successfully identified arrhythmia in previous third-party studies. Because the launch of Apple’s open-source ResearchKit in 2015, universities have been in a position to use the iPhone and Apple View in their medical research.  

ResearchKit has enabled 12 research study applications, including a Concussion Tracking application from NYU Langone, a mole-mapping app that detects melanoma through Oregon Health and Science University, plus an app promoting sleep wellness from the University of California North park, all of which are free on the app-store. Stanford also has a ResearchKit application of its own, called MyHeart Matters, which studies general heart wellness.  

This is the first cardiovascular study that Apple itself may conduct.  

You can down load the Apple Heart Study at no cost from the app store if you’re 22 or even older and have an Apple Watch.  

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