Apple company discontinues 256GB iPhone 7

Apple discontinues 256GB iPhone 7

Image: Lili Sams/Mashable

Apple made a few main changes to its iPhone selection last month, but you probably skipped one.

There were the announcements � an iPhone 8 plus an iPhone X coming this drop � but the company also modified its iPhone 7 offerings. This no longer sells a 256GB apple iphone 7, previously the largest capacity, leaving behind consumers with three options: 32GB, 128GB, or the 256GB iPhone almost eight.

According to archived internet sites accessed via the Wayback Machine, Apple company stopped selling the 256GB design on September 12, the same time it unveiled the iPhone 8. We all also talked to an Apple customer care rep, who confirmed that the corporation no longer directly offers a 256GB apple iphone 7. A spokesperson for the corporation didn’t respond to our request for opinion.  

The move may not look like much, but it’s a perfect sort of how Apple spurs pricey improvements by tinkering with its catalog instead of devising new products that offer obvious benefits to consumers. Expanded storage indicates more flexibility to download big apps, take high-quality photos plus video, save local music plus movies, and so on.  

Even in case people aren’t so hot within the iPhone 8 â€? which matters among its new features basic wireless charging and a more powerful processor chip â€? Apple can encourage buys by making it the only way to get a 256GB iPhone.  

Or it can attempt to, anyway. While you can’t buy a 256GB iPhone 7 directly from Apple any longer, you may find it’s available via your own wireless carrier. Verizon still provides a 256GB iPhone 7 for $749. 99, compared to $849. 99 for that 256GB iPhone 8, for example.

Apple has reportedly struggled to create interest in the new iPhone 8. Anecdotal responses from wireless carriers within the U. S. suggest consumers are in fact buying more iPhone 7 products than iPhone 8s. They’ve furthermore started to Google iPhone 7 a lot more, for whatever that’s worth:

Of course, the iPhone 8 just isn’t the only new device Apple’s releasing this fall. A considerably more superior iPhone X (with up to 256GB of storage! ) is coming next month, potentially depressing interest in the particular less spicy iPhone 8.  

With all of this going on, Apple’s apple iphone line is perhaps more complicated than really ever been, leaving people with challenging choices when it’s time to upgrade. The choices earning will impact Apple’s bottom-line plus influence over the competitive smartphone sector â€? so watch closely. 2dbb 83fc%2fthumb%2f00001


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