Apple company finally shipped the first batch associated with iPhone Xs from China: survey

Apple finally shipped the first batch of iPhone Xs from China: report

The first batch of iPhone By handsets have finally made their particular way through the manufacturing process plus been shipped from a Foxconn manufacturing plant in China, according to Chinese distribution Xinhuanet.  

This inaugural delivery brings Apple’s highly anticipated apple iphone X smartphone one step nearer to  reaching consumers after many documented delays.

But take this information with a huge grain of sodium. The Taiwanese report was acquired by Digitimes, which has a spotty background when it comes to accurately reporting supply chain rumors (it was also later grabbed by ). The publication says that the first shipment of iPhone X devices left Foxconn’s facilities in Zhengzhou and Shanghai on Monday. The phones were reportedly sent to the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This first wave of iPhone Xs will do little to quell the massive demand for the brand new phone, however. There were be only an estimated 46, 500 devices produced between the two Chinese facilities, while there are expected to be upwards of 50 million preorders once the period begins on Oct. 27.  

Foxconn has reportedly been able to ratchet up its manufacturing output to about 400, 000 units weekly, but at that rate, Apple still won’t be able to meet the massive demand for the iPhone X.  

Ming-Chi Kuo, a reputable analyst, thinks that Apple will only be able to deliver 30 to 35 million apple iphone Xs by the end of the year. Which could mean that even customers with preorders will wind up waiting for their brand new phones until at least 2018.

Production issues have clouded the apple iphone X’s launch even before the device has been officially unveiled in September. Apple company reportedly struggled to implement a few of the new tech included in the handset, especially new 3D face-scanner, and other provide chain constraints potentially kept production from starting until this 30 days.  

The new report from the first iPhone X shipments was not confirmed by Apple, though, therefore there is a chance that the company as well as its partners will be able produce more of the cell phones to come closer to meeting demand. In either case, the iPhone X is all but going to be a big hit from the moment it can available on Nov. 3 â€? really the only question is how long it’ll get you to get your hands on one. 2b4a 69e3%2fthumb%2f00001


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