Apple company leases former Chrysler proving floor in Arizona, says report

Apple leases former Chrysler proving ground in Arizona, says report

Apple’s self-driving car project might have a new check site.  

The company will be leasing an Arizona proving floor to experiment with its nascent autonomous system, according to a Jalopnik report citing a source familiar with the project. The particular facility in Surprise, Arizona was once owned by Fiat Chrysler, which usually took advantage of the area’s intense climate to conduct tests about how heat affected its vehicles.

Apple’s designs for the now-empty house would be focused squarely on tests its autonomous platform, which is considered to be the main focus of the company’s auto development after the rumored work to really produce a car, “Project Titan, inch reportedly shuttered last year. Tim Prepare confirmed Apple’s self-driving car system earlier this year, and the company’s test automobiles have reportedly been spotted upon California’s public roads.  

The proving ground would give Apple a chance to test out specific driving scenarios the platform might not encounter in its additional pilots and a dedicated space to place test vehicles through their paces free of state regulations and spying eyes.

An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the Az lease report when reached simply by Mashable via email.  

Apple has been linked with an automotive tests ground before, when people believed the business would build its own vehicles plus Project Titan rumors were widespread. Apple was rumored to have tabbed California’s GoMentum track to test the vehicle prototypes back in 2015, but nothing to was ever publicly confirmed. Toyota recently signed an agreement to test the driverless cars on the site.  

Apple computer scientists published new analysis about their tests with self-driving car software last week, a rare proceed from employees of the ultra-secretive corporation. The system they described eliminates the necessity to use cameras to detect items around a self-driving car, and could become a key candidate for closed-course tests if the Arizona site really is Apple’s latest move to become a player the field of self-driving car development.  

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