Apple company Park’s obsessively designed Visitor Middle opens to the public

Apple Park's obsessively designed Visitor Center opens to the public

Steve Jobs’ last big project will be finally ready for the public â€? however, you have to go to Cupertino to see this.

I’m talking, of course , regarding Apple’s famed “spaceship” campus. Even though employees moved in months back, and Apple launched the iPhone By in the newly minted Steve Careers Theatre, none of the campus continues to be open to the public â€? until now.

On Friday, Apple officially opened up the doors of Apple Park’s Guest Center â€? the public face from the company’s storied new headquarters â€? and the Apple faithful were there completely force to savor the moment.

When Apple opened the doors to the area, which includes a retail space, coffee shop plus roof deck, the first visitors breezed right past tables full of apple iphone Xs, Apple Watches, and MacBooks and instead headed straight for any wall of Apple-branded T-shirts, infant onesies, tote bags, and post cards.

Like the retail store from Apple’s old Infinite Loop head office, the swag at Apple Recreation area is a far cry from brightly-colored tchotchkes and T-shirts with cheeky sayings (e. g. “I frequented the Apple Campus. But that is all I’m allowed to say”) that will filled Apple’s old company shop.  

Instead, there are a handful of $40 tees emblazoned with either an easy Apple logo or that of Apple company Park. The ones with the retro, offers a Apple logo were particularly well-known â€? employees were restocking the particular shelves within the first hour from the store’s opening.  

Image: mashable/karissa bell


There are also Apple tote luggage ($25), baby onesies ($20) plus, curiously, plain black and white hats ($40). I say plain, but , naturally , they’re much more than that. A unique collaboration between Apple and Brand new Era, the caps were developed without the top button most caps have in order to better accommodate Beats by dre headphones.

For the truly serious fans, there are $20 packs associated with postcards featuring Apple products older and new, from iPhones plus Apple Watches to the candy-colored iBooks. Or, you can opt to buy a smaller sized, $10 set of “memory cards, inch also emblazoned with classic Apple company gear. I’m not actually certain what these are for â€? these people look like playing cards, even though they usually are â€? but people will likely details them up anyway.

The retail area is flanked on either side by a restaurant and an open “exhibition space. inch The cafe has a large coffee bar that also serves a few snacks, but no drip espresso. There are no menus or money registers, just a handful of iPads, which usually serve both purposes.

Image: mashable/karissa bell


The cafe is spacious with lots of seating both inside plus out. (Just don’t try to perform anything other than sit in the restaurant chairs â€? at one stage during my tour, an overzealous professional photographer attempted to stand on one, only to come with an Apple employee rush over and admonish him, muttering that “these are usually $1, 000 chairs. “) 

On the far end of the website visitor space is an open “exhibition region, ” home to a large THREE DIMENSIONAL model of the “spaceship” HQ. Apple company doesn’t let the public into the spaceship, but , thanks to the model, they can discover the grounds via an augmented fact iPad app.


Hold the iPad ahead of the model and the app will let you “look inside” Apple Park, exploring from its office space and grounds in order to its parking garage and cafeteria. (Yes, these iPads also have special Apple Park-specific branding. )


For a far more IRL look at the spaceship, visitors may head up the imported Italian rock stairs to the roof deck, which usually overlooks the campus’ main constructing.


That all may sound like nothing more than a good extra-fancy Apple Store, and, in lots of ways, it is. But for Apple, it’s regarding much more than that.  

Sure, it’s an “architectural extension from the new campus” (one they can easily share with those more than happy to shell over 40 bucks for an Apple-designed ball cap). But it’s also a chance show off obsessive design and focus on detail worthy of Steve Jobs.

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