Apple company pushes out iOS 11. 1 ) 1 to finally patch that will annoying keyboard glitch

Apple pushes out iOS 11.1.1 to finally patch that annoying keyboard glitch

Calm down, everybody: Apple has finally done some thing to fix that annoying iOS key pad glitch that has been driving us all in the wall.  

The glitch, which usually first appeared earlier this month, changed the letter “I” and other vowels with an off-putting combo of “A[?]. ” The bug seemed to distribute to more users from the preliminary small number affected, but Apple, so far, has only offered frustrated apple iphone users directions to set up a textual content replacement shortcut as a temporary repair.

Luckily, a permanent patch is currently available with the latest version from the software, iOS 11. 1 . 1 ) If you’re sick of messaging on your apple iphone without the use of the letter “I, inch just follow this path to upgrade your device: Settings-> General-> Software program Update.  

Image: screenshot/mashable

The patch should bring your predictive texting feature back to normal, plus fix Siri if you’re also getting issues with the AI assistant.

The iOS bug was irritating, but the texts and tweets full of the weird “A[?]” symbol as well as the various workarounds and parodies were, at least, endearing after the initial frustration used off.  

If you decide to keep your habit of typing out your apple iphone communiqués using the “royal we” rather than going back to the standard “I” since it’s back, more power to you. 847a 894b%2fthumb%2f00001
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