Apple company quietly removes games mimicking Philippines� war on drugs

Apple quietly removes games mimicking Philippines’ war on drugs

iPhone games glorifying Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte plus police killing drug users have got disappeared from iTunes after greater than 100 organizations demanded the online games be removed.

The number of 131 organizations signed an open notice last month to Apple TOP DOG Tim Cook asking the technology company to take down the games that will mimic the violence of Duterte’s war on drugs.

The Asian Network of People who Make use of Drugs, or ANPUD, led the particular letter-writing effort in October. The particular safe-drug-use advocacy group urged the business to remove certain games, including Duterte knows Kung Fu: Pinoy Criminal offense Fighter (seen in the video above), Duterte Running Man Challenge Game, Fighting Crime 2, and Tsip Bato: Ang Bumangga Giba! .

The organization called for removing games that “actively promoted the particular war on people who use medicines in the Philippines. Some of these games have been downloaded by over a million apple iphone users. These games had to be taken out immediately. “

According to the Human being Rights Watch, more than 12, 000 have been killed in Duterte’s “war on drugs” â€? and almost half of the killings are coupled to the Philippine National Police, raising individual rights concerns.  

ANPUD will be hailing its efforts as a success even thought it didn’t get a response from Cook or Apple company. We also reached out to Apple company for more about the removals.  

The games no longer come up when looking the app store � so the team is taking this as an earn.



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