Apple company says the most popular emoji is ‘Face With Tears of Joy’

Apple says the most popular emoji is 'Face With Tears of Joy'

LOL wut would it all mean tho?

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Well this particular makes perfect sense.  

According in order to Apple, the most popular emoji for Oughout. S. English speakers is… 😂! The emoji is officially known as “Face With Tears of Pleasure, ” although it’s also known as the “laugh/cry” emoji, which is clearly the appropriate reaction to 2017.

The next 2 most popular emoji (trailing well at the rear of 😂 ) are the red cardiovascular ❤️  and “loudly crying” 😭  â€? it also me.

America: learning to express its feelings one pictograph at a time.

America: learning to express its emotions one pictograph at a time.

Apple uncovered the news in a report about how these people anonymously collect user data intended for insights into iPhone usage plus potential problems, via The Verge. One of Apple’s techniques allows these to collect data on word plus emoji usage, which the tech firm says can help with word suggestions for customers.

Oxford Dictionaries named “Face With Tears of Joy” the exact word of the year in 2015. It was their first time selecting a “pictograph” as a “word, ” but in the blog post they explained that the period was right.  

So apparently America has had some mixed emotions, perfectly expressed in pictograph type, for a while now. f41a afb5%2fthumb%2f00001

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