Apple company updates Clips app with brand new AR effects for the iPhone By

Apple updates Clips app with new AR effects for the iPhone X

You can now add Videos to the growing list of apps which are ready for the iPhone X.

Apple just announced its biggest up-date yet since it first released the particular social video app in 04. The Clips app now includes a redesigned iPhone X-ready interface, which includes new augmented reality effects, plus Star Wars-themed stickers and results.

Apple is using the up-date to show off the power of the apple iphone X’s TrueDepth camera, and nowhere fast is that more apparent than in a brand new feature the company is calling “Selfie Scenes. ” Sort of like Snapchat’s “World Lenses, ” Clips can make an animated 360-degree scene you are able to explore by moving the digital camera around.

There are 10 different Selfie Scenes to start, yet it’s the two Star Wars-themed moments that will likely excite most people. One particular puts you on the Millennium Falcon, complete with BB-8 rolling around within the background, while the other puts a person in the Mega-Destroyer, which is set to create its debut in the upcoming Star Battles:  The Last Jedi (BB-8’s “evil” counterpart BB-9 even makes a good appearance).

New AR ‘Selfie Scenes’ within Apple’s updated Clips app.

New AR 'Selfie Scenes' in Apple's updated Clips app.

New AR ‘Selfie Scenes’ in Apple’s updated Videos app.

The moments feature is sadly limited to Clips’ iPhone X users, but Apple company has added some  Star Wars effects for everyone else, too. The particular app now has a set of cartoon stickers starring Darth Vader, Henry Skywalker, Princess Leia, R2-D2, C-3PO, and, of course , Chewie. (Apple earlier worked with Disney to add Pixar heroes to the app).

There may also be a handful of Star Wars graphics available as “posters, ” in-app graphics cards you can add between video clips.

New 'Star Wars' stickers in Clips.

New ‘Star Wars’ stickers in Clips.

New 'Star Wars' animated 'posters' in Clips.

New ‘Star Wars’ animated ‘posters’ in Clips.

Star Wars aside, Apple also added a suite of “style transfer” filters â€? or AI-powered effects that process the on your screen and makes it resemble a particular painting style (similar as to what Facebook does with its camera plus Prisma’s effects).

Apple furthermore added iCloud support to make it simpler for people to move between devices whilst they edit videos.  

All of the updates are available now within the latest version of Clips.

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