Apple company will go red for World HELPS Day

Apple will go red for World AIDS Day

Apple store trademarks around the world are turning red.

The transition from gray to some more crimson hue started Thursday night in Australia and continues around the world via tomorrow.

It’s not a long term change (it lasts for a week). Instead, it’s just one more transmission that Apple is once again taking part in World AIDS Day (December 1).  

The company announced upon Thursday that, along with the logo alter at its hundreds of retail places around the world, Apple will be making contributions to the (RED) program, which rss feeds money to The Global Fund, the non-profit that provides grants for combating the spread of HIV/AIDs within 8 African nations.

Apple’s Today tab in the App-store will feature World AIDS Day-themed stories,

Starting Friday, Apple may donate $1 for every Apple Pay out purchase made at retail and apps. Good news for the fund, yet Apple will also limit the fundraising efforts to customers who positively use Apple Pay. If you’ve already been avoiding these device-enabled payment techniques, this might be a good reason to try this out.

Over the past yr, Apple reports donating $30 mil to the Global Fund, at least a number of it generated through Product (RED) products like the (RED) iPhone seven and 7 Plus handsets released in March. At the time, (RED) TOP DOG Deb Dugin told Mashable, “This is the biggest day in our 10-year partnership. ” According to (RED), they already have raised $475 million and attained over 90 million people considering that launching the non-profit over a 10 years ago.

For this World HELPS Day, Apple has also partnered plan third-party app provider King. If you are addicted to Candy Crush Saga, then you can certainly blame King, it makes that addicting game along with Candy Crush Jello Saga, and Candy Crush Soft drinks Saga. Proceeds from in-app purchases will even go to The Global Fund.

Apple is also using its redesigned App Store to aid its World AIDS Day initiatives, populating its Today Tab along with stories about the on-going, worldwide combat HIV/AIDS.

You can find out more about World AIDS Day here.

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