apple iphone X’s Animoji works amazingly well together with your favorite movies

iPhone X's Animoji works amazingly well with your favorite movies

The iPhone X is a superb phone with an array of new great features. You have that beautiful OLED screen and the new Face IDENTIFICATION unlock technology but the thing you may see popping up around the web more often is the new animoji.  

People already started recreating classic tunes with animoji karaoke and now films scenes are getting the animoji transformation treatment.

YouTuber brazilliandanny published a video of various movie scenes recreated with some talking emojis.   

Within the Reddit post, brazilliandanny had written, “I used animojis to recreate some iconic movie scenes. I think we are just scratching the surface of what people will do with this technology.” 

Russel Crowes’ character, Maximus from the Gladiator was turned into the panda. Samuel L. Jackson’s personality, Jules, from Pulp Fiction grew to become an angry dog and ‘s Pacino’s Tony Montana character through Scarface became an aggressive cartoon monkey.

The internet will certainly eventually be flooded with emojified movie scenes and karaoke tunes but if it’s this funny, nobody should complain.  

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