Arrange your board games with this Kickstarter situation system

Organize your board games with this Kickstarter case system

Tabletop players tend to be an obsessive lot. We all hoard games like a dragon hoards treasure. There’s no reason you have to be because haphazard when it comes to storage though.  

The Gamefolio system is designed to assist even the most disorganized gamer match all of their board games, card games, and RPGs into one universal storage container. Following a first successful run on Kickstarter within 2016, the team behind Gamefolio is back with their 2 . 0 edition. It’s bigger, better, and more flexible than ever.

The term Gamefolio applies both to the whole program and the individual units, which is a small confusing but bear with me. The person Gamefolios look like laptop cases and so are built to hold your games. Whilst game boxes can be bulky plus vary wildly in size â€? they are modular and sleek. They all squeeze into “The Vault” duffle bag that is great for taking your favorite games in order to wherever game night takes you. In case you are really attached to your boxes for reasons uknown, you can buy The Vault on its own plus it’ll at least keep them consolidated very safe in a padded, waterproof bag.

Check out their Kickstarter video clip below:

There are pouches and sleeves inside every Gamefolio that will hold game pieces, planks, cards, dice, etc . Each Gamefolio also has a clear plastic pocket on the exterior that you can put game booklets/printouts/artwork set for easy identification. There are three various sizes â€? small, classic, plus large — to choose from that will vary based on the size and number of games if you’re trying to accommodate. (The Gamefolio one 0 only had the traditional size option. ) 

One point that differentiates the classic dimension 2 . 0 from the original is the fact that six of the small pockets include velcro backing so they’re detachable. Depending on how many pieces your game offers, the classic Gamefolio can hold among one and three games. The particular Vault can hold up to 5 Gamefolios of this size.  

The brand new small and large Gamefolios have no removable pockets, but they’re extremely convenient for differently sized video games. The small Gamefolio is good for simple video games like Codenames, Fluxx, and King of Tokyo. Two of these can fit into each of The Vault’s side pouches.  

The large Gamefolio will be great if you have super in-depth video games like Dead of Winter. These people also compatible with the new foam racks for miniatures and cards including pen holders and a drink sack, so you can rock it on its own using the included shoulder strap. If you’re with them with The Vault, it’ll hold 2.

There’s even a Gamefolio binding for your trading card sleeves. Or simply remove the three ring insert for the slim, wide Gamefolio that’ll keep extra boards or rule textbooks.  

The full Gamefolio system.

Gamefolio is incredibly easy to customize no matter what kind of gamer you are. Simply by backing the Kickstarter you can get the whole loaded system for up to $30 away retail price. You can also pledge less cash to purchase individual pieces. As little as $20 will get you the small Gamefolio.  

If you already have the one 0 version but are interested within picking up some small, large, or even binder Gamefolios, don’t worry — they’re all backwards compatible.



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