ASEM’s Commitment to Fighting Terrorism


The fight against terrorism and violent extremism, as well as the interests of the people  of the two continents on Saturday with a pledge to ensure cyber security in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) has been completed.

According to the declaration adopted on the last day of the conference, an informal discussion of the need to ensure continuity of initiatives to get real results, suppression of terrorism and violent extremism,maritime security and safety, piracy and armed robbery at sea, as well as human trafficking and drug smuggling, such as cyber security and cyber crime ASEM will focus on issues of common interest. ”

Ulan Bator the concluding session of the conference this morning, as well as the leaders of ASEM member countries and the European Commission and the European Council of Eisai Ena Secretariat, wrote this declaration.

Sarakara pradhan era ASEM member countries and the declaration of the state’s new political commitment and more communication, mutual interest to strengthen partnership and cooperation in the Asia -Europe vowed to work together.

The safety and the use of technology for sustainable development, the US Charter principles, the rule of law, international law, human rights, corruption, immigration,030 vowed to give priority agenda.

Besides, they say, climate change, environment, our yoga Jhumpa reduction and management, food, water and energy security, ground, and maritime and illegal, andesite and unauthorized fishing, education, poverty alleviation, Blue Economy, trade and investment liberalization, and provide the facilities , science, technology and innovation, transport, made SA ema ISA cooperation, capacity building in all sectors, employment, social protection, empowerment of women, youth and people with disabilities will be given more importance in the future.



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