Asics is going to bake your next custom trainer in a microwave

Asics is going to bake your next custom sneaker in a microwave

Custom tennis shoes can usually take weeks, otherwise months, to be made, but Asics is going to make you one the same method you make instant ramen.

The sportswear giant says it can be heading soon introduce microwaves in its shops that can “bake” soles in just close to 15 seconds.

It’s nevertheless in testing, but the company provides produced an official site and video clips illustrating the process, so it looks like it can be heading happen sooner than later.

When ready, customers will be able to select their colour of the various levels of their sneaker soles, including the midsole and upper. The component for that sole comes in pellet form, plus gets microwaved in a mold, Asics explains in a new microsite.

Additionally, because you can choose pellets much more than one colour, the sole ultimately fuses into an unique colourblend.  

The technology appears to be produced by Tayin Research and Development, a Taiwan company which has a patent on the process. Based on patent documents, the lightweight bottoms will be made with foam thermoplastic polyurethanes in pellet form, and can end up being customisable down to their firmness.

Tayin also claims that micro wave molding is a lot more energy saving compared to traditional injection molding, which assists the industry move a little closer to getting environmentally friendly.

Can’t wait to find out this in stores.

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