Assault erupts at polling stations within Catalonia

Violence erupts at polling stations in Catalonia

Spanish riot law enforcement burst into polling stations throughout Catalonia on Sunday, confiscating ballot boxes and voting papers to attempt to halt a banned referendum on the split from Spain as This town asserted its authority over the digital rebel region.

Police broke down doors in order to force entry into voting channels as defiant Catalans shouted “Out with the occupying forces!” and sang the anthem from the wealthy northeastern region. In one occurrence in Barcelona, police fired rubberized projectiles.

Catalan officials said 337 people had been injured in the law enforcement crackdown. Officers in riot equipment hit people with batons and intentionally removed would-be voters, including ladies and the elderly, from polling stations.

The referendum, declared illegal by Spain’s central government, has thrown the nation into its worst constitutional problems in decades and deepened the centuries-old rift between Madrid plus Barcelona.

Despite the police action, hundreds-strong queues of people formed in towns and villages throughout the region in order to cast their votes. At one particular Barcelona polling station, elderly people and the ones with children entered first. (Reuters)

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