Backlights for your TV create unique seeing experience

Backlights for your TV create unique viewing experience

The key cabal of television industry market leaders and tastemakers has gotten jointly and decided that the next huge thing in TV technology is 4K. But 4K isn’t really that will innovative. Sure, it’s a somewhat higher resolution and it makes currently really blue water look a bit bluer, but HD resolution is pretty good and most content isn’t also available in 4K yet.  

However, there is a brand new technology that significantly improves the TV watching experience plus doesn’t even require buying a brand new TV set: the DreamScreen HDTV Backlights Kit.

See the DreamScreen in action.

See the particular DreamScreen in action.

DreamScreen puts LEDs behind your TV that react to the color of whatever you’re viewing on the front. Sometimes they’re exactly the same color, like when you’re viewing an explosion, and sometimes they’re a complementary color so the image on your TV pops more. Irrespective, the screen will feel larger, the particular picture will be softened, and the content material will be more immersive than ever. It’s an ideal add-on for any TV show, movie, or even video game.

DreamScreen comes with three or more HDMI inputs so it’s simple to toggle between multiple video resources. In addition to the lights that go at the rear of your TV, the Total Surround Package also comes with lights that you can location all around the room â€? like audio, but for light.

Check away DreamScreen in action:

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DreamScreen has an iOS plus Android app so you can completely personalize the way everything looks. You can also utilize it with an audio visualizer to create a cool, psychedelic experience for your next celebration. Or, you can set it in order to ambient mode so it just appears to be one giant, hypnotic light.

DreamScreen Kits normally start at $169. 99, but you can get one now for simply $139. 99, a savings associated with 17%.



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