Bathe in Elon Musk’s musk courtesy of this creepy air freshener

Bathe in Elon Musk's musk courtesy of this creepy air freshener

What does a dream odor like? The promise of distant worlds? A hairline that defies time and area? Or, maybe, one thing extra terrestrial — a magical underground tunnel, whisking you away to locations heretofore solely envisioned one sunny afternoon daydream? 

And, when you may ever pin that almost all elusive of scents down, package deal, and promote it, how a lot would it not value? Fortunately, we’d like surprise no extra, as a gaggle of enterprising people is now providing an Elon Musk-based air freshener for the very attainable worth of $6.90. 

Dubbed, sure, Elon’s Musk, the product payments itself as “the proper reward for any Tesla fan,” and is certain to show a couple of unscented heads. 

“The unique Elon’s Musk air freshener, with our personal specifically designed musk scent,” intones the location’s advert copy, as if channeling some Musk fanboy Siren name. “Excessive notes of Tesla leather-based, and low notes of rocket gasoline.”

Leather-based and rocket gasoline. Say it with me. Leather-based and rocket gasoline

However how did these visionaries arrive at this precise mix of manliness and daring do? Did they, probably late one night time, swab the unsuspecting billionaire are he distractingly gazed skyward? Or possibly they took a unique strategy, someway reverse engineering the scent from the mogul’s tweets?

The reply, it seems, is far more prosaic: they guessed. 

“We have by no means really smelt him, however we think about it is one thing like this air freshener,” reads the corporate’s FAQ web page. “We genuinely put loads of time into this. It is the closest factor to Musk we may think about.”

And whereas Musk diehards could also be dissatisfied that this product shouldn’t be the results of rigorous, science-based assessments (and subsequent failures), we’re not bothered within the slightest. As a result of smells, like desires, are ephemeral — the tougher you attempt to maintain on, the extra they slip away. 

However hey, I assume that is why Elon’s Musk is out there in packs of three. 5ef7 4a76%2fthumb%2f00001

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