Become more productive with WeDo’s organizational application

Be more productive with WeDo's organizational app

Organize your entire day and take control of your life.

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Staying along with everything you have to do each day is sometimes tiresome and sometimes overwhelming. There are the particular chores, the happy hour plans, the particular kidsâ€? schedules â€? and that’s not even counting what you do at the office.  

There’s a good chance your to-do list system consists of Post-it information, scribbles on scraps of document, and the always handy “I’ll just remember it” technique. It’s no wonder that 41 % of to-do list items will never be completed.  

"I'll just remember it" is maybe not the best method.

“I’ll remember it” is maybe not the best method.

Experts say that the issue with traditional to-do lists is that they don’t do an adequate job of distinguishing between large tasks and small ones, therefore we’re likely to check off the fast and simple stuff first, without getting to the best projects. And if you manage more yourself (like your family’s jobs or your work team’s projects), it’s even harder to stay on top of everything. That’s what WeDo was designed to take care of â€? and if their four. 5 stars on iTunes will be any indication, they’re killing this.

The app can handle something, from groceries to personal tasks. It’ll let you break bigger jobs into subtasks so you can keep all you need to finish it in one place, whilst still getting that sweet, nice satisfaction of marking subtasks because done. And if you need to collaborate, that can be done that too â€? just create organizations for your tasks and lists, and you could assign tasks and get notified whenever they’re done. If you’re one who needs a little motivation, you can include reminders, due dates, and repeated tasks.

You can get the particular WeDo app for iOS or even Android for $19. 99 on the Mashable Shop (pssst: it’s 88% off right now). Plus, to get a limited time only, enter promotional code SOFTWARE20 at checkout in order to save an additional 20% on the purchase.


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