From Bedroom to Catwalk: New Megastar Amie Robertson Earns her Stripes


The information that fashion has anointed a new designer as a star may also be signposted in quite a lot of ways. For Amie Robertson, who debuted her label AV Robertson at London fashion Week on Saturday morning, the evidence came in the form of entrance-row guest Marc Jacobs, who had flown in from the big apple, and a coterie of famous person items including Vogue’s March duvet superstar, Edie Campbell, celebrity offspring Georgia Jagger, and Lines Montero, presently within the Chanel crusade.

For a fledgling label, still designed from a bed room in Robertson’s moms and dads’ apartment in Manchester, these indicators were sufficient to make the assembled visitors at the Tate Britain show sit up and take notice. The exhibit notes crediting Katie Grand additionally ensured that they paid concentration. Grand, who is editor-in-chief of love magazine, has styled for Prada and works with Jacobs. Her endorsement of an unknown like Robertson is a colossal Deal.It turns out that the significant Saint Martins fashion illustration BA graduate met Grand when she accomplished a year’s internship in 2014 at Marc Jacobs in the big apple.

Jacobs, wearing his signature Stan Smiths along with a sweatshirt, backpack, and printed scarf, mentioned he got here to support Robertson “on account that she was once brilliant and gifted when she worked with us”. The designer is in London to attend the launch of his beauty manufacturer at Harrods, however, whether or not or now not he can be attending suggests on the leisure of London trend Week was doubtful. “I’m right here, however I’m no longer here,” he stated, with a wave of the hand and the air of anybody who likes to keep his public guessing.


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