Best 10 hidden features of Facebook Messenger

Top 10 hidden features of Facebook Messenger

1. 3 billion individuals use Facebook Messenger each month. Yet are they really making the most of it?  

Since Messenger became an application of its own, Facebook has been silently adding functionality to make it stand out. The particular app has a ton of nice hidden features, from GIFs in order to addicting games and ever-innovative methods to write and present text.  

Here’s some of the coolest stuff a person didn’t know you could do along with Facebook Messenger.  

1. Make use of Messenger on the computer

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If you want to message your friends on your pc without the distraction of your News Give food to,  try pulling up Messenger straight onto your computer. Just go to Messenger. com and sign in with your Fb account. You can also access a discussion directly by going to Messenger. com/ plus adding your friend’s Facebook user name at the end.  

The desktop Messenger looks just like the Messenger page that may be accessed from Facebook, but it does not have the Facebook search bar towards the top of the screen.  

2. Deliver and request money

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Facebook has been allowing users to send plus receive money for the past few years. Much like Venmo, Messenger lets you connect your bank card to the app, and send cash to your friends, and request money from their website as well.  

To use it, hyperlink your debit card by going to Profile > Payments > Add New Charge Card. To send and request, enter the chat with the friend hit the particular plus sign on the bottom left part, select Payments, and enter the required amount.  

3. Add close friends instantly with your profile code

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If you ever satisfy someone and like them a lot that you want to friend them immediately, you can have them scan your unique user profile code.

To pull up, tap your profile’s icon within the top left corner of the application, then tap the large profile image in the center of your screen. Press My Code to display your own code, plus Scan Code to scan another person’s.  

4. Play games

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Facebook has a lineup associated with really addicting games from consumer favorites Words with Friends plus 2048 to classics like Pacman and Snake â€? all of which could be played right in Messenger.  

To challenge a friend or number of friends, start a conversation, press the particular plus sign, and select Games. If you’re a loner, or you would like to get some practice, start a conversation along with yourself to play any game by yourself.  

5. Chat with bots

Image: screenshot/facebook

If you’ve had sufficient of human interaction, never concern: Messenger’s army of bots helps keep you company. They’ll send you information, help you place orders, play video games, and more.

Tap Discover within the bottom right corner, and start the conversation with the bot that hits your fancy.  

6. Key Conversations

Image: screenshot/facebook

You can begin encrypted conversations in Facebook messenger that nobody outside of them can easily see â€? not even the government or Fb itself. They use end-to-end encryption comparable to that of Facebook’s Whatsapp.  

Start a conversation, tap Secret within the top right corner, and select the particular friend you want to message. To make your own messages disappear after a certain time period, tap the clock icon left of the text box.  

7. Customize your conversations

Image: screenshot/facebook

Facebook has a number of ways to create your conversations with your friends your personal. Open a group chat and faucet its name to open customization choices.

You can change your group’s color, give your friends nicknames, or even set a group emoji (to substitute the “Thumbs Up” icon).  

8. Share news, recipes, dining places, flights, and more

Image: screenshot/facebook

With Messenger’s lineup of included third-party apps, you can send your pals some pretty cool stuff in only one click.  

If most likely chatting about travel plans, searching for and share hotel and air travel options with the Kayak extension. You are able to share recipes from the Food System, restaurants from OpenTable, songs through Spotify and Apple Music, plus news articles from the Wall Street Journal.  

To access these extensions, open up a conversation and tap the particular plus sign in the bottom left part.  

9. Scribble Chat

Image: screenshot/facebook

Scribble Chat turns your own messages into fun 3D animated graphics. There are currently 42 animation choices, and they’re all adorable.  

Open a conversation and tap the particular plus sign in the bottom left part, then swipe left to select ScribbleChat.  

10. Send an sound recording

Image: screenshot/facebook

An sound recording is an easy way to talk about a song you’re listening to, or even send a fun birthday greeting.  

To start a recording, open the conversation and press and support the microphone button to the left of the textual content box. Drag up to cancel it, and let go of the icon to finish and send.  



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