Blizzard is suing a company for coldly ripping off ‘Overwatch’

Blizzard is suing a company for blatantly ripping off 'Overwatch'

Image: blizzard entertainment

There’s a Chinese mobile video game called Heroes of Warfare, which usually takes as much inspiration as possible through Blizzard Entertainment’s hit game Overwatch. A little too much inspiration for Blizzard’s liking.

Blizzard and its Chinese language partner NetEase are suing Heroes of Warfare‘s creators, 4399, to get infringing on its intellectual house, Japanese news site PC Watch reported today. Blizzard claims that will 4399’s Heroes of Warfare plus another game that’s already been turn off is too similar to Overwatch, and is phoning for a take down.

Just have a look through this gameplay video associated with Heroes of Warfare and you’ll discover what Blizzard is getting at:

Many of the playable personas in Heroes of Warfare appearance and play similarly to the characters in Overwatch, the maps are usually nearly identical to Overwatch roadmaps, and the heads-up display showing ratings, kills, and health is basically just like Overwatch‘s.

As is common exercise for intellectual property infringement legal cases, Blizzard is asking for 4399 in order to cease production of its copycat online games, for monetary compensation for problems, and that Heroes of Warfare become removed from iOS and Android application stores.

This isn’t the 1st time a game developer has copied Overwatch‘s aesthetics and gameplay approaches. An alternative Chinese mobile game called Hero Mission did the exact same thing recording. In fact , Hero Mission and Heroes of Warfare are pretty difficult to tell apart.

Also, sidenote to all game developers ripping away from existing games: Try to come up with much better, less-generic names than Heroes associated with Warfare. What does that even indicate?

H/T Kotaku

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