Brand new Google Home feature lets you ‘broadcast’ messages between devices

New Google Home feature lets you 'broadcast' messages between devices

Google Home speakers just got much more useful.

Google introduced a brand new feature for Google Assistant which allows you to remotely “broadcast” messages between phone and a Google Home loudspeaker, or between multiple speakers within the same house.

The up-date, which is rolling out now, implies that you can essentially use Google House speakers as an in-home intercom system in order to relay messages, even if you’re not within the same location as the speaker.

To use the new feature, what you just have to do is say “Okay Search engines, broadcast, ” using the Google Associate app or a Google Home loudspeaker. The speaker will then relay your own message via the other Google House speakers associated with your account. (If you employ the Google Assistant app, it must be associated with the same Google account as the audio speakers you wish to broadcast to. )

Additionally, Google has provided a list of commands which will trigger specific sounds. You can state, “Okay Google, broadcast dinner is definitely ready, ” for example , to make a “dinner bell” sound through your Google House.  

Note that Google won’t give you a way to specify which loudspeaker the sound plays to, so if you utilize the feature, the message will send for all of the speakers you have set up together with your account. Still, it’s an useful replacement for shouting across your house.

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