Brand new iOS 11 autocorrect bug adjustments ‘it” to ‘I. T’

New iOS 11 autocorrect bug changes 'it

Image: lili sams/mashable

There’s another bad iOS autocorrect bug making the models and it’s almost as bad because the bizarre A[?] bug.

Like the previous bug that autocorrected “I” to “A[?], ” the new insect, which appears to also be related to iOS 11, autocorrects the word “it” in order to “I. T. “ 

Though it shouldn’t appear to be nearly as widespread because the A[?] bug, numerous users are usually reporting autocorrect issues with the word “it. ” Most seem to be reporting that will “it” mysteriously autocorrects to “I. T” though others have also documented issues with “is” autocorrecting to “I. S. “

What is clear, although, is that the latest autocorrect issue will be proving just as infuriating as the “A[?]” issue which took Apple almost a week to fix.  

That iOS 11 would be plagued with yet another main autocorrect bug so soon after repairing the last one is certainly a stressing sign for Apple. It’s not obvious what the cause of the issue is, but symptoms seem to point to a flaw within the company’s machine learning technology, which usually draws from users’ habits to produce autocorrect and other keyboard suggestions.

While Apple will likely eventually metal out this bug as well, impacted users can use iOS’s text substitute feature as a workaround in the meantime. Visit Settings â€? gt; General â€? gt; Keyboard â€? gt; Textual content Replacement and add “it” being a shortcut for “it” to ensure the autocorrect issue stops happening. cf6b a688%2fthumb%2f00001
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