Bruce Lee Enter The Game A great action game!


Legend of  Bruce Lee,s name. He lived long enough. But a few day of his strange life with all the kung fu  or martial arts for the human mind took place.His name was known at the hearing that a lot of discussion at the Action with karate or kung fu ! That’s right. Today I have brought an action game with a lot of good quality.Bruce Lee yourself that game.

In its place will be taken into consideration Bruce lee yourself then that is the style of martial arts to be defeated by the opposition, then you win!

Thought the martial arts to defeat the enemy will have to defeat the main boss, who gave him. This game is the goal or mission.If the end of the mission then you will be able to Bruce Lee or a Kung Fu master.So you have to overcome the 40 levels, and each level will be harder and harder. So do you know what tension excitement over this action game.


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