Celebrity Wars-themed graphics cards are built regarding superfans

Star Wars-themed graphics cards are built for superfans

Ah, brands.  

If you like Star Wars and are a PERSONAL COMPUTER enthusiast willing to spend over $1, 000 on a single part for your customized computer, Nvidia has the perfect group of graphics processing units (GPUs) to suit your needs.

Nvidia announced today the particular Star Wars Nvidia Titan 7 Collector’s Edition GPUs, one regarding supporters of the Jedi Order then one for supporters of the Galactic Disposition. Each features unique designs plus lighting to match their respective factions, and are some of the best-performing GPUs in the marketplace right now, hence the $1, 200 price tag.

The Star Battles Titans are up for preorder beginning Wednesday, but only for Nvidia GeForce Experience users. The GPUs is going to be opened up to everyone on November. 17.



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