Change saves still can’t be backed up, yet Nintendo hears you

Switch saves still can't be backed up, but Nintendo hears you

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You still can’t do everything to protect your Switch save information.

Nintendo’s latest console commemorates its eight-month birthday on Fri. That means for the past eight months, enthusiasts have had to keep a nagging anxiety at bay every time they power the device on: Will this be the time my 100-plus hours of Zelda progress disappears?

It defies reason that in 2017 we now have this online-connected device equipped with the microSD expansion slot, and yet there is way for paying customers to protect their own data. There have been Reddit threads. High-profile opinion pieces. Hard questions requested of Nintendo again and again.

The latest Switch update added the opportunity to transfer accounts from one console to a different, save data and all. That doesn’t assist you in cases of hardware failure, or even when a loved one accidentally deletes your saves, but it’s at least right now possible to move your data around â€? sort of â€? without having to send your own Switch back to Nintendo for assistance.

As Nintendo of The united states President Reggie Fils-Aime pointed out throughout an October interview, hardware failing is, thankfully, a relatively rare incident where Nintendo is concerned. And he will seem to understand the fear.

“You’re talking to someone who has completed 120 Shrines, and I think I’m at 400 Korok seeds and growing [in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild], ” he said. “So I am aware what it’s like putting considerable time into content, and the thought of that will content not being there. “

“I understand what it’s like placing a lot of time into content, and the considered that content not being presently there. “

At that point in our discussion, he pointed to the recent Change update and the added account move feature. It’s a sign that Manufacturers is working in the direction of the more user-friendly approach to save information.

“We’re aware of the problem, ” Fils-Aime said. “Certainly, Manufacturers is a consumer-oriented company [and] we would like to make our consumers happy. Jooxie is aware of the concern and it’s a place we’re going to continue working on to make sure that we are able to alleviate some of those consumer fears of getting a content-based issue. “

Unsurprisingly, Fils-Aime wasn’t willing to discuss any kind of timeframe for such a feature. Even though his explanation for why that is doesn’t actually add up.

“Because of the kind of platform we have â€? it’s something which is on the go as well as connected in your home environment â€? there are some added problems. It’s not as simple as a piece of equipment that never moves and is constantly connected in an online environment. “

In response to that, I’d like you to definitely look at this official Nintendo support web page, describing the save back-up procedure for every iteration of 3DS/2DS portable. And this official Nintendo support web page, describing the same process for Nintendo wii U owners.

I alerted you it’s not what you’d want to listen to. Effectively, it’s a non-answer: comments that will address my question without providing any meaningful response.  

There’s always that baggage when you switch on your Switch: You wonder, “Will this be the last time? “ 

Of course, Fils-Aime has a work to do, and part of that work involves fielding questions like this whenever Nintendo â€? a company that typically plays things close until the formal announcement can be made â€? isn’t quite ready to provide solutions.

But it’s still poo.  

It’s crap that Change owners â€? both people I have never met and people I know â€? have lost hundreds of hours of their time. It can crap that there’s always that luggage when you turn on your Switch: A person wonder, “Will this be the final time? “ 

Most of all, they have crap that we’ve been asking Manufacturers about this directly since June â€? not just Mashable, mind you, but most everybody in the media who’s nabbed job interview time with Nintendo â€? but still the best that can be mustered is a verbose non-answer.

I told Fils-Aime when we spoke and I’ll inform you all now: We’re going to keep inquiring. And while we might not be the ones to obtain an honest answer in the end, there’s no question that you deserve one. 72c1 7065%2fthumb%2f00001


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