COME toys to teach kids coding

STEM toys to teach kids coding

Millennials’ kids are we were young having never known a world prior to the internet, smartphones, and on-demand tv. They’re even more comfortable with devices compared to we are, and we really love our own devices.

While setting limitations on devices are important, you still would like you kids to be prepared for your brave new world that they’re growing up within. These toys are all designed to instruct kids how to build technology from an early age. Your kids will have fun playing with their own devices and you can rest easy understanding that it’s actually educational.  

Mashable enjoys the app-controlled robots from Sphero, the company that brought your new preferred droid, BB-8, to life. The SPRK+ version (which stands for Schools, Mother and father, Robots, Kids) is paired towards the Sphero Edu app. Via actions in the app, kids can learn to program SPRK+ using JavaScript. As being a fun bonus, the clear casing lets them see the components light up and move.  

Like a tech-y Lego set, the Kano Computer Kit provides materials and step-by-step instructions for kids to make their own computer. The Kano kit uses Raspberry Pi 3 and provides activities to learn how to code, including how to hack the kid favorite, Minecraft.

Each Cubelet block has a different function, so it’s a very tactile way to learn coding. Kids literally build their code with blocks to create a toy that they control. Cubelets come with Lego adapters so kids can build around their Cublets for a truly customized toy.

Wonder Workshop specializes in coding toys and this bundle is a great starting point. Kids can program the robots Dot and Dash to move, light up, and interact with Wonder Workshop toys. Then on the next gift-giving holiday you can add on any of the other toys to add to their repertoire.  

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