Commemorate by picking up Atari’s retro system

Celebrate by picking up Atari's retro console

Happy Birthday Pong!

Now this is a made up vacation we can get behind. Some 45 years ago we got to experience the excitement of playing table tennis on a display and the world has never been the same.  

Pong, the console that probably launched the video game industry, was launched on November 29, 1972. Within observance of this momentous occasion, Atari has declared today to be Pong Day. To celebrate, we’ve curved up some of the best Atari- and Pong-inspired merch the internet has to offer (or you are able to go all in and buy this vintage home Pong system on eBay. ) 

Atari got in early on the reminiscence for vintage consoles when they launched the original Atari Flashback in 2004. The eighth iteration of the “new” classic console doesn’t actually have Pong on it, but you can play other traditional games like Space Invaders plus Centipede. Plus, it’s way simpler to get your hands on than the SNES Classic.

As an integral part of video game history, Pong is name checked in the name of this book on the evolution associated with gaming and is the subject of its very first chapter. Chock full of trivia plus behind-the-scenes insights, it’s an interesting read through for every type of gamer.  

If you’re just super jazzed regarding your love for Pong, you are able to grab this classic logo t-shirt from Amazon.  


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