Control device is producing new lenses to enhance existing VR headsets

Valve is producing new lenses to improve existing VR headsets

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Valve is here to make virtual reality much better with new lenses that will utilize a handful of virtual reality headsets.

Valve, the developers of Steam plus partners that helped make the HTC Vive VR headset a reality, exposed new lenses for SteamVR-compatible headphones in a press release obtained by Upload VR Monday.  

The lens improve VR experiences on both OLED and LCD headsets. Hardware designers will be able to augment their headsets using them with the help of accompanying calibration and production tools.

In the pr release, Valve doesn’t specify exactly which usually headsets the lenses will be suitable for (although it’s pretty likely that they had work with the HTC Vive thinking of they helped make it), however they shed a little light on precisely what kind of improvements the lenses brings:

The lenses, which are made to support the next generation of room-scale virtual reality, optimize the user’s recognized tracking experience and image clarity while reducing stray light. Control device is including the custom lens calibration and correction software within the SteamVR technology suite.  

Basically, the particular lenses will make everything look much better and move more smoothly, which is actually all we can ask for.

Valve didn’t specifically mention whether the lens would be available to purchase commercially intended for headset owners to upgrade their very own headsets, and has not responded to the request for clarification.

At minimum, the lenses will be available to Vapor partners and people who have SteamVR Monitoring licenses (which you can apply to cope with the SteamVR partner website). The particular licenses are free, you just need to buy or supply your own head-set for testing and tinkering.

This is part of a larger shift from Valve to make better VR experiences more accessible to a lot more users and developers. Earlier this year, Control device partnered with Microsoft to allow Vapor games to run on its blended reality headsets, and Valve provides developers free reference to its style for the Watchman tracking module.  

With this semi-free flow associated with ideas and hardware, VR could make some pretty big strides with regards to quality in the coming years. da19 e661%2fthumb%2f00001



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