Credit cards Against Humanity buys piece of the particular U. S. border so Trump can’t build his wall

Cards Against Humanity buys piece of the U.S. border so Trump can't build his wall

The unclean and sometimes downright offensive online game Cards Against Humanity is back along with another stunt, and this time these kinds of are taking aim at one of Chief executive Donald Trump’s campaign promises.

The company announced its vacation promotion on Tuesday, called Credit cards Against Humanity Saves America. Basically, the company purchased a plot associated with vacant land on the border states and Mexico, making it extremely challenging for Trump to build his costly border wall which the U. T. taxpayers will inevitably pay for.

“Donald Trump is really a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans. He is so afraid that he would like to build a $20 billion wall that will everyone knows will accomplish nothing, inch the website reads. “So we’ve bought a plot of vacant property on the border and retained a legal professional specializing in eminent domain to make it since time-consuming and expensive as possible for your wall to get built. “

Fork over $15 of your hard-earned money to Cards, and they’ll send you “six surprises” in the month of Dec, including an illustrated map from the land, a certificate of guarantee to fight the wall, and a few new cards.  

Given the type of the game, the company has no issue being a bit brash, and because these are self-owned, and don’t rely on big container stores to push their item, the company can get away with a little more.

On its FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page for the new expansion, one particular question asks: I don’t like that you are currently getting political. Why don’t you just stay with card games?

Their answer? “Why don’t you stick to seeing the number of Hot Wheels cars you can suit up your asshole? “

The cards game is well known for its stunts, such as digging a giant hole, destroying important pieces of art, and offering nothing, indeed, nothing, for $5.  

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