‘Destiny 2’ misled players and Bungie’s only response was PR rewrite

'Destiny 2' misled players and Bungie's only response was PR spin

I may not understand the better nuances of game development, yet I know when I’m being given a line of shit.

It was a rough holiday weekend with regard to Destiny 2 developer Bungie following a brewing controversy over the game’s managing of experience points and gamer progression finally bubbled over. Individuals are fed up, and the dev team has been forced to respond.

Here’s the offer: Destiny 2 places limits around the amount of XP a player can generate over a short period of time. Leveling upward gets you cosmetic unlocks such as weapon skins and character emotes that are otherwise only available via real-money purchases in-game. Practically speaking, all this means it takes longer to uncover those goodies through the “natural” procedure for actually playing the game.

Now, it isn’t inherently bad that Bungie would try to strike a balance between time required to earn cosmetic products vs . the money spent to uncover them. That’s business, plain and simple. The issue in Destiny 2, as devoted fans have discovered, is the invisible existence of these XP-limiting machinations.

Bungie issued a statement on Fri acknowledging the feature’s lifetime, alongside the claim that it’s “not executing the way we’d like it to. inch But there’s no mention of its unseen presence in the game, nor is there any kind of effort to explain why.

This statement, then, is our previously mentioned line of shit.

We’ve noticed community discussion around XP obtain in Destiny. After reviewing our own data, we agree that the strategy is not performing the way we’d enjoy it to. Today, we’d like to explain what’s going on under the hood, plus talk about what you can expect going forward with regards to earning XP in Destiny 2.

Currently, XP will scale upward when playing longer or set duration activities like Crucible competitive multi-player matches and the Leviathan Raid, plus XP will scale down when actively playing activities that can be quickly, repeatedly chained, like grinding Public Events. We are unhappy with the results, and we’ve noticed the same from the community.

Effective instantly, we are deactivating this system.

As an effect, players will see XP earn prices change for all activities across the panel, but with all values being shown consistently in the user interface. Over the course of the following week, we will be watching and looking at XP game data to ensure that these types of changes meet our expectations, in addition to yours. Any additional updates to this program will be communicated to you via our own official channels.

Bungie skipped the point. The issue isn’t with the program itself, but rather the lack of clarity close to it. As a result, this response seems like a hand-waving dismissal of worries that fans have been voicing within the popular Destiny subreddit for days.

Since at least the early times of November, fans have been looking into exactly how Destiny 2 doles out 7, and they’ve discovered something worrying. The numbers displayed on the display don’t always match up with real progress. You might see a gain associated with 7, 000 but only end up getting half of that number counting toward the next level.

The specifics obtain rather technical, but you can take a trip through what fan investigators have found here, here, here, here, here (among other sources).

It’s not clear why Bungie chose the time after Thanksgiving to confirm the existence of the controversial feature, almost a month following the first extensive proof of its lifetime surfaced. You’ll have to form your own a conclusion on that one.

But from the bad look, especially as the warmed conversation over “loot boxes” is constantly on the rage around the industry. Consumers possess caught on to the fact that some online games rely on a predatory design in order to compel in-game purchases, and they’re unhappy.  

It was so fancy in Star Wars Battlefront II that publisher Electronic Arts drawn real-money transactions from the game with regard to retooling just one day before launch. Weeks earlier, EA competitor Activision � which publishes Destiny � came under fire because of a patent that will turns online matchmaking into a promotion.

We really don’t know at this stage how Destiny 2 fits in to that broader picture. Bungie’s declaration doesn’t get into the reasoning at the rear of the XP limitations; it just confirms that the feature exists.

But isn’t that the whole issue here? All Bungie has done up to now is answer a question we currently knew the answer to. What about the particular misleading presentation in-game? Or the inevitable conclusion that this whole issue is an additional facet of the loot box dispute?

Bungie should absolutely develop Destiny 2 in a way that can keep the business financially healthy. But faithful enthusiasts deserve a little more transparency. The game’s misleading treatment of XP gains quantities to a breach of trust among creator and players, and it’s likely to take more than PR spin to generate that right.



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