Devastated teenagers lose their streaks after Snapchat goes down

Devastated teens lose their streaks after Snapchat goes down

Horrified Snapchatters have awoken to a bleak set of circumstances after Snapchat stopped working for customers. 

Snapchat customers have been unable to make use of the app on Monday, which prevented them from sending snaps to be able to preserve their snap streaks. A lot to the consternation of streak-loving snappers, many discovered that their streaks had fully vanished after they subsequent opened the app. 

Maurice Cohen, a scholar in Segovia, Spain, says he misplaced 4 streaks when Snapchat went down. His streaks have been 150, 90, 76 and 40 days lengthy. 

“I’m tremendous upset,” says Cohen. “That is one thing that shouldn’t occur and must be resolved inside minutes.” He says it took “hours to repair” and he solely had two of his streaks restored. “Thank god I didn’t lose my huge streaks like 500 days,” he says. 

18-year-old Natasha, from Manchester, UK, misplaced her 110 day-strong snap streak along with her boyfriend after Snapchat went down. “I am not like devastated about it, I am a bit upset as a result of it is with my boyfriend,” says Natasha. 

“It did not present a timer both by means of the entire 24 hours by which you are imagined to ship a snap,” she says. Often Snapchat exhibits a small egg timer emoji when your streak is dying. She’s been onto Snapchat Help in a bid to get again her streaks. “I am hoping to get them again, it is began a brand new streak, however I need my outdated ones again,” she provides. 

Twitter is ablaze with deeply upset Snapchatters waxing lyrical about their lacking streaks, and questioning if they will ever get them again. 

Snapchatters at present mourning the lack of their streaks should not despair simply but, nonetheless. Should you go to Snapchat’s help website, you’ll be able to re-apply on your misplaced streak. In case your snap streak nonetheless hasn’t come again inside 24 hours, contact Snapchat once more. 

Godspeed, streakers!
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