Discover exactly what color you want to paint your own walls

Find out exactly what color you want to paint your walls

Think of it as a color detector.

Image: Nix sensor

From photography to painting your own bedroom, sometimes exact color evaluation can be the difference between perfection plus disaster.  

Assuming that you’re actually not some sort of color wizard, The particular Nix Mini Color Sensor happens to be an awesome tool to feed your own innate perfectionism. The Nix Mini Colour Sensor apparently measures the color of anything at all your heart desires IRL plus sends the exact digital color user profile directly to your smartphone. It’s not miracle, but it might be.

While this pocket-sized device might be ideal for creative types (hello creative designers, illustrators, and architects), but is in fact super handy for anyone out there residing their life. While many of us took on home DIY projects influenced by our favorite HGTV shows, it apparently takes the guesswork from finding the perfect shade of color. The listing says it can instantly check out 28, 000+ brand name paint colours (not to mention RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors too) plus returns you a match.  

With the Nix app, you can also arrange and save your very own color palettes for whenever and wherever motivation sparks. Snag one for $69 here.  



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