‘Doom’ mod for the original 1993 online game adds loot boxes

'Doom' mod for the original 1993 game adds loot boxes

Image: rip and rip / zdoom forums

Doom â€? the original Doom, from 1993 â€? ********************) never had loot boxes. Now it does. This is the reason why we can’t have nice points.

OK, it’s not actually because bad as it sounds. The “loot boxes” come from a new mod regarding ZDoom, a fan-made port that will, among other things, allows you to play and get a new original Doom on modern computer systems.  

The so-called “Doom Loot Box Mod” removes all weaponry and power-ups from the map, changing them with locked crates. You need an essential to unlock each crate, plus keys can be obtained either as an uncommon random drop from downed foes or via in-game purchases.

I mean, not really. There’s a “Market” menu in the modded game that will ostensibly lets you buy packages associated with keys and crates. But it won’t actually work. Thankfully.

What you’re left with is an extremely difficult version of Doom! As you can see within StronkiTube’s video below, keys fall as infrequently as promised as well as the crates they unlock are few in number.

The mod quantities to a wry nod toward the particular ongoing conversation in the gaming planet around post-release monetization. Game web publishers are looking for new income sources right now, a time when the cost of development provides reached a point that the standard $60 price for most major releases bears too much risk.

The just-released Star Wars: Battlefront II continues to be making headlines for much of the recent two weeks because of the way it seals online progression � which is to point out, the guns and gadgets anyone unlock � behind random loot boxes that can be purchased using a real income.

It’s a “pay-to-win” set up, essentially, and much of the backlash comes from the fact that loot boxes are an fancy presence in a high-profile blockbuster activity.  

The “Doom Loot Field Mod” doesn’t explicitly reference Battlefront II or any other game. Nevertheless clever execution â€? coupled with the truth that, yes, Doom is basically impossible that can be played when weapons and power-ups happen to be locked behind loot boxes â€? makes it an incisive commentary around the gaming drama of the moment the same.

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