Elon Musk shared a Boring photo associated with his company’s Los Angeles tunnel

Elon Musk shared a Boring photo of his company's Los Angeles tunnel

And just like that, there’s a canal under Los Angeles, compliments of The Uninteresting Company.

Elon Musk’s tunneling company launched in January, apparently born out of his frustration along with LA traffic. In that time, he is managed to secure permission to build the 1 . 6 mile tunnel beneath the California city, and then really do the thing.

To be reasonable, it’s not clear just how much work continues to be completed from this one, freshly distributed photo. But given the speed that things often move in business America, The Boring Company’s development from newborn to first task approval to execution is absolutely nothing short of dizzying.

Musk’s wish is that tunnels like this one can get rid of traffic jams forever. The Uninteresting Company is still in its relative childhood, and projects like the LA tube, as well as just-approved 10-mile tunnel below Maryland, represent proof-of-concept work.  

Of course, Musk’s whole schtick seems to be voicing some bananas concept… and then putting in the work required to draw it off. Just look at Tesla and SpaceX. Now we have some more real evidence that The Boring Company gets ever-closer to delivering on exactly what was promised.

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