Elon Musk’s Boring Company gets authorization to dig a 10-mile canal in Maryland

Elon Musk's Boring Company gets permission to dig a 10-mile tunnel in Maryland

Ready to dig a canal.

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The hyperloop is moving ahead.  

Elon Musk got permission through Maryland officials for his Dull Company to build a 10-mile canal in the state, the Baltimore Sunlight reported. The tunnel would be the 1st part of Musk’s envisioned hyperloop to move people underground between New York plus Washington, D. C.  

“This thing is real. It’s exciting to see,” Maryland Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn told the Sun. “The word ‘transformational’ may be overused, but this is a technology that leapfrogs any technology that is out there today. And it’s going to be here.”

The 10. 3-mile tunnel will be located beneath the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Even though the tube is part of Musk’s futuristic eyesight, this first step only needed the usual utility permits—just like any electric powered company getting state permission in order to dig underground.  

Musk’s greatest vision, though, will require permission through states beyond Maryland, and from your federal government as well. Musk, who furthermore runs Tesla and Space By, founded the Boring Company to remove traffic congestion through a network associated with underground tunnels.  

This may be the second tunnel the Boring Business has gotten permission to get. The first was a two-mile test canal outside of Los Angeles.  

The Dull Company declined to comment towards the Baltimore Sun, but thanked authorities for their support.  

Congrats, Elon.  

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